Written By: Dan Pearson
July 6, 2014

Schoolteacher Lost £60K to Online Gambling

If you’re going to ask us if we love gambling, we’ll be the first to admit that we are, and we are not ashamed of it simply because we like what we’re doing. But here’s the caveat: we are responsible players. We bet up to only a certain amount, and we try to be wiser than yesterday, paying attention to the lessons we learn along the way.

The reason is very basic: if you don’t control it, you can get yourself addicted. A perfect example will be this UK teacher Jenny Murray.

Contrary to popular belief, gambling, whether online or offline, isn’t just a rich man’s world. Many ladies also play, and in fact, there are dedicated online and offline casinos and games just for them.

Murray was a supply teacher for over 20 years and had a financial director for a father. Both her parents were conscious about spending habits. Murray grew up with these principles. She’s one of the few women who haven’t been to any land-based casino, even when she was hooked to gambling.

But one incident changed her life: about 8 years ago, she placed a bet on Nadal and eventually won, turning her £200 to £600. She said she could have stopped there, but then she saw that glitzy ad about a female-friendly casino. Her curiosity piqued, she opened it, was led to the main website, and before she knew it, she was already playing the games for real money.

Every night, while her children were asleep, she’ll be in front of her computer placing bets, first with smaller amounts and later large ones until she lost around £60,000. To make matters even worse, she had used her credit cards and drafts to their fullest, which means she didn’t only lose money, but she was also in a very serious debt.

With two children depending on her, she felt she needed to make some significant changes in her lifestyle if she wanted to pay off the debt. So aside from the financial help from David, her partner, she sold her large house and moved into a smaller flat.

That could have been the end of it all—and she actually thought it was—until a few years after, she did the exact same thing: placed a bet on a tennis match and won.

And for Jenny, it’s win some and lose more. Although she’s winning in the few games, she experienced more losses that she can count. When she had bled her money dry, she turned to payday loans, getting one loan to pay off another debt.

She was in deep serious trouble, and she couldn’t get away with it, even using mobile phones and regular telephone lines to place her bets, and finding her problem from her partner and family. Her partner and family staged an intervention. She received help for all her debt, even if she’s still left with around £20,000 to settle, provided she joins the Gamblers Anonymous, which she did. Although she can’t shake away the addiction that easily, she trusts on the incredible moral and financial support she’s been getting from her family and newfound friends in the group.

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