Roulette: Which Numbers are Bet Upon Most Often?

If you are a roulette buff or even if you are just learning to play you might be interested in how other people play the game.  Everyone has their own strategies and despite the fact that the roulette wheel has no memory many people bet according to the idea that it can in fact remember what the last spins were and will therefore stop accordingly. 

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So what are the numbers?

While this isn’t true the betting habits of many people are actually the same. 

It’s true; there are four numbers that are bet on more than any other numbers on the board.  With 36 or 37 different numbers to bet on, depending on which variation you play, it’s surprising that there are four numbers that are bet on more than any other, isn’t it?  The fact is, it’s all about placement of the numbers on the wheel. 

The most common number that is bet on in the game of live roulette is 17.  Why, you ask?  Most dealers assert that the reason that 17 is bet on so often is because it is right in the middle of the table layout and everyone playing can reach it from their positions.  While this may be the case when you are in a brick and mortar casino no one can really explain why it is still the most commonly bet upon number on the wheel when playing online since the layout is much more accessible. 

Two other numbers that are most commonly bet upon are zero and the double zero.  Most dealers say that this is simply seen as a good starting point for a lot of bettors and they figure where better to place their money than the first two slots on the wheel?  Betting on the zero or the double zero is part of a lot of people’s roulette strategy. 

The last of the most commonly bet upon numbers on the roulette wheel?  The magical number 22!  Why? No one really knows, but what we do know is that in some classic movies the characters bet on the magic number 22 and it plays an integral part in the film.  Are we affected by the movies we watch?  Perhaps, as the number 22 is bet upon in Casablanca, The Stingers, and Lost in America. 

Whether you play online or in the brick and mortar casino you will find when you pay attention that a lot of people, perhaps even you, bet on these numbers quite often.  If it works for you, keep betting on them, but don’t forget that there are either 36 or 37 different slots for you to bet upon!


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