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Roulette is one of the best casino games around, and just like all the other popular casino games, the casino world seems to stretch the potential of the game to its limits by creating various game variations. One of the two famous variations of roulette is the live European roulette and live American roulette.

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The Secret of Live European Roulette

Not only is it featured as a live game complete with video streaming, Live European roulette is essentially a variation of the game, along with live American roulette. However, between the two, European roulette is the more preferred variation. To understand why, it is important to learn how European roulette was created in the first place.

Roulette originated in France, and the name itself means “small wheel” in French. During the early times, roulette was played simply with the 36 numbered slots. There used to be no zeros involved in the game. However, as roulette started to become more popular, casino houses were faced with a dilemma. The game was popular, but people were finding ways to win in it and the game seemed to be costing the casinos a lot. And that was how live European roulette came to life.

Casino houses, in an attempt to keep from going bankrupt due to the large number of people playing and winning in roulette, added an additional zero to the game. Aside from the 36 numbered slots, roulette players can also bet on a zero slot. The added zero is known to increase the house advantage considerably. But the extra house advantage did not dismay roulette players. The game became even more challenging and enticing for them, and roulette continued to become more popular than ever. The house, on the other hand, benefited from the additional zero.

The added zero gave rise to what we now know as the live European roulette, as opposed to the classic roulette game, and American roulette. However, the classic roulette game has now faded into oblivion, it seems. All the roulette games that are available nowadays are either the European or the American version. The American version, unlike the European version, has two zeros, and since the zero adds extra advantage for the house, the American version favors the house even more.

Since American roulette is more challenging because of the added house advantage, one of the best known tips when it comes to playing roulette is that you should choose to play the European version of roulette rather than the American version.


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The American version is not widely recommended, while the European version is now the primary kind of roulette that avid casino players play. But if you are an avid roulette lover, there is no harm in trying out both variations to see the difference for yourself. And since the online casinos now offer free roulette games, you can practice with both variations so you can be comfortable with both before you try out the paying versions.

Even when casinos added an additional zero to the roulette game to lessen the players’ chances of winning, roulette still went on to become one of the best loved casino games around. It is included in the top ranks of casino games along with famous games such as blackjack and baccarat. And now, live European roulette is one of the casino games that is played the most all over the world.