Live Casinos in Israel

Even though Israel culture is very influence by England history there are no licensed land-based casinos operating in Israel at present, although there are casino cruises operated out of the port cities of Eilat and Haifa.

Israel, the world’s only Jewish-majority state, is a Middle Eastern country situated along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, with Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest, and Jordan and the West Bank to the east. The State of Israel was established in 1948.


Israel’s geography, flora and fauna are extremely diverse for such a small country. Israel contains desert, fertile valleys, beaches and mountainous areas. The climate varies widely, with the mountainous regions often experiencing snow and the country’s coastal cities enjoying a Mediterranean climate characterized by long, hot summers and cooler winters with rain. Other areas have a semi-arid climate or a desert climate.


Israel has two official languages: Hebrew (spoken by the majority of the population) and Arabic. English is also spoken by several Israelis. Several other languages (especially Russian, Amharic and French) are spoken in Israel due to the mass immigration seen over the years.


Israel is the world’s 27th richest economy by GDP (nominal) per capita and has the highest standard of living of any Middle East country. Tourism (in particular religious tourism) plays an important role in the Israeli economy, with tourists also attracted to the country thanks to its beaches, climate, and sites of archaeological and historical interest. Key exports include machinery and equipment, software, communications technology, cut diamonds, fruit, agricultural products, textiles and apparel, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 


With the majority of Israelis hailing from all over the world, Israeli cuisine is global and contains a wide variety of different cuisines, including Middle Eastern, North African, Mediterranean, European (in particular dishes typical of Germany, Poland, Russia and Hungary) and Arab Israeli. A typical meal in Israel may include schnitzel (chicken cutlets fried in breadcrumbs) served with rice or potatoes, and accompanied by salad, dips and a variety of vegetables. Also popular are ‘shwarma’, grilled meat that is sliced and served in pita bread, and falafel (patties made from mashed garbanzo beans). There is a strong coffee culture in Israel, with form and culture of Viennese coffee houses having been introduced to the country by Jewish writers, musicians and painters arriving in Israel before World War II. Tea is also widely consumed, especially fruit flavored and herbal teas. 


Israel, with a philharmonic orchestra, national ballet company and several renowned musicians, artists and writers, has a flourishing culture and arts scene. Several writers, artists, musicians and composers have in fact arrived from other countries. Although influenced by European art forms, contemporary Israeli art deals with specific Jewish topics and themes. There is also the more traditional form of ritual arts and crafts, including prayer shawls, candelabra (‘menorahs’), wine cups and other objects used in religious ceremonies and on other special occasions. Famous Israelis include the actress Natalie Portman, supermodel Bar Refaeli, TV personality and psychic Uri Geller, conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim, actor Chaim Topol, and Italy-based journalist Gad Lerner.