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Who Is VueTec LTD? Vuetec LTD is one of the leading gaming companies in regards to online gaming. With a staff that has over 70 years of experience in the field, they offer one of the most well-rounded development staffs in this niche or programming. Their staff has operated in casinos all over the world and is very much aware of what customers want to see and the types of games that they are interested in. Everything that they develop is done so with a real life casino in mind.

What Does VueTec LTD?

Vuetec LTD ( While many of the software providers in the online casino industry concentrate the RNG programming, Vuetec LTD works to bring the true casino experience into the home of the online player. Their live solutions have revolutionized the online gaming community and have finally enabled online players to have a true casino experience when they play online versus risking their money to what is nothing more than a fancy video game.

What “Live Games” Do They Currently Offer?

VueTec LTD is actually ahead of many of the other live gaming software companies in that they not only offer the standard games such Roulette and Baccarat, but they also have BlackJack with Early Payoutâ„¢ and Poker. While these games have many of the same features of casino games, there are sometimes little twists that have been implemented to make them a little more friendly for the online gambler.

Distance Live Roulette – this is very much the game that is played in every casino in the world. As a matter of fact, the feeds come from an actual live roulette game from brick and mortar casino. All standard bets are available and there are timed limits that the croupier enforces for both live and online players.

LIVE BlackJack with Early Payoutâ„¢ – this not just your typical blackjack game. This is a game that is dealt live, but solely for the Internet player. Because many people will be playing the hands at the same time, the early payout option is put into play to allow the player a form of insurance on their hand. The dealer will play the hand as they would play their own , but the player has the option of taking the early payout or playing the hand through after all of the cards have been dealt out. It is a great twist to an old favorite.

Distance Poker – poker is a game that is played against the house with some general modification to the game that allow for smooth Internet play. This game is one of the toughest to find for live online casinos and VueTec was one of the first to figure out a version that would work when dealing from a live casino and transmitting it to the online player.

Distance Baccarat – this is about as close to being in a real live casino as you can get. The game has all of the same rules as live baccarat and offers great interaction with the casino dealer. All cards are dealt on a live table and it truly brings the brick and mortar experience to the home player.

How Do I Contact VueTec LTD?
Phone: +44 1624 61 7123
Fax: +44 7030 40 4176
 Les Hamelins
 Rue du Catiillon
 Guernsey GY79HF
 United Kingdom

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