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This is a high limits game, Punto Banco Baccarat, and a very stylish one too. The purpose of the game is to decide which side, the Banker, Tie, or the Player, will end closest to the number nine when all the cards have been dealt.
Punto Banco Baccarat
Auto Punto Banco Baccarat
punto banco baccarat
auto baccarat

Loading the Game

Just use your registered username and password that you used when signing up to open the website and to login. This will take you to your account information being displayed in a new screen. The image/button showing the words “Play Now” will be on the left side of this screen, just press this button to have the Game Lobby show in a new window.

The “Punto Banco Baccarat” can be chosen from the “Live Casino Games” portion of the Game Lobby. After pressing the link to Punto Banco Baccarat the window will guide you to the Game.
Then, a progress bar will show the quantity of the game that has loaded. The game will be shown after it is 100% loaded.

Game Rules

Aces are valued as 1, tens and picture cards are valued as 0, and the remainder of the cards count are measured as face value. The chart below, lists certain rules in order to deal a third card to each hand, if necessary. No extra cards will be dealt, if there is a “Natural,” which is attained if the point value of the first two cards dealt for either hand is a 9 or 4.

The first digit of a two digit number is always discarded, so that no hand is ever bust (goes over nine). For example, if four and eight are dealt for a total of twelve, the count is two.

The player with the hand that has the highest number closest to 9 wins.

“Banker” bets that win are paid at the odds of 19/20 and “Player” bets that win are paid even money. The “Tie” bet that wins is paid eight to one, and happens when both hands have identical total results (chips go to the “Tie” portion of the table). Bets on “Player” and “Banker” are not paid nor taken when a “Tie” happens.

Drawing Rules for the Player.

If the player's first two cards (initial draw) total… The player...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0. . Draws
6, 7 Stand
8, 9. Stands (Natural)

Drawing Rules for the Banker .


If the banker's first two cards (initial draw) total Banker Draws When Player's Third Card is: Banker Does NOT Draw When the Player's Third Card is:
0, 1, 2 Banker must always draw on 0, 1, and 2 -
3 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,0 8
4 2,3,4,5,6,7 1,8,9,0
5 4,5,6,7 1,2,3,8,9,0
6 6,7 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,0
7 - Stand
8-9 - Stand (natural)

The banker must draw on totals of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 and stand on 9, 8, 7, and 6, if a player stands on seven or six. The rules for Banker must be followed, when the Banker must draw on totals of two, one, or zero. No optional draws are available.

Placing Bets

Position your mouse over the amount that you desire to play in order to place your bets on the table, and left press your mouse (the chips are found at the bottom of the table). The desired amount that you want to play with will now be highlighted. There are three betting options that you can play with after selecting the amount that you want to play with. The choices to play with are the following:

  • Bank
  • Tie
  • Player

Position the mouse on top of any of the three betting options for further information (a popup with information will show up).

Place the mouse to the location on the table where you want to do a bet and press (a chip will now appear in the position that you selected on the table).

A small rectangle will appear as a pop-up if the position is valid, displaying the name of the position. The small rectangle will then show the name of the value placed and the position instead of just the name of the position.

To pick a different chip, hover the mouse to the corner of the table, and place it on top of the desired chip and press the left mouse button. The new chip just chosen will now replace the old chip that you were holding.

The chips may reorder themselves or change in value, if more than one chip is put on a certain position. These chips will still have the same value, but, would have just changed to keep the order of “smallest chip on the top and largest chip on the bottom,” or would have changed to the least quantity of chips to represent the value.

Removing Bets

To remove chips from the table, just right-click the location where you want to take out the chips from (this will take away the chips beginning with the lowest value). Press and hold the left mouse button, in order to take away a pile of chips, and place the chips away from the betting zone and just release the left mouse button. The credit meter will be updated after doing this.

Moving Bets

Position the mouse on top of the chips that you would like to move in order to move them between betting locations. Press and hold the left mouse button and drag the chips to your desired new location, and finally, release the left mouse button. The chips will now be at the new location. A small rectangular pop-p will show up, after completing this step, displaying the amount that you moved and the new locations on the table.

Understanding the Game

There are some main features that determine the layout for the Punto Banco Baccarat window. The most important feature is the layout of the table. The Punto Banco Baccarat table is equal to any other table for this game found in any casino. Bets are made in same notion, and the table locations are also the same. To know the name of a location, simply move the mouse on top of the location and an information dialogue about the location will show up.

A live video from inside the casino will be located at the top right of the window. This table is the same one that is used to play and bet on via the Internet.

There are four chips of values $100, $25, $5, and $1, which are nearest to you along the border of the table. The bets are placed with these chips. To know the correct value of a chip, simply position the mouse on top of the chip, this will display the value in a small box.

The “CLEAR” button shows up after a bet has been placed, and when a game is over, if you win, two buttons will show up. The buttons are “REBET” and “CLEAR.” Only the “REBET” button shows if the player did not win. At the top of the window there are three sections. From right to left they are: “BET”-this is the value of chips that you have on the table, “LAST WIN”-the total quantity that you won is shown here, in you won the last game, and “CREDITS”- which is the quantity of credits that you currently hold on your account.

The section “Game Number” is found beneath the Live Video and it displays the number of the current open game. As a new game begins, a unique number is given to every game which increases. Your bets are put on the current open game.

Live sound and video

All games are automatically enabled for live video, but, if you would rather not watch the live video or if you would like to turn off the sound, you can do so by going into the bottom right corner live video section, as following.

From the left side, the first button is “Stop,” this button is use to detain the Live Video Feed from entering your computer. You can still play or/and continue your game when this button is clicked. The second button is “Pause,” this button holds the video feed while playing your game (do note that this will not pause the game being played at the Live Casino). The third button is “Sound,” this button stops the sound from the Live Video and a red forward flash will appear on the sound icon. The last button functions to undock the video feed from the Game Table, in order to position the Live Video Window in any location of your desktop.

The last ten results are shown on a box located on the left corner of the video feed window. These results are placed in the box, in order of the most recent down to the oldest result at the bottom, which have played on this Punto Banco Baccarat table.

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