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Baccarat Chemin de Fer

Las Vegas Baccarat Chemin de Fer

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The game played in Las Vegas may be called many things, but it is played distinctly. You may come across it played as baccarat, as chemin de fer, or as baccarat-chemin de fer. There are several features that distinguish the Las Vegas version from all others. The differences are described below:

● Generally the casino occupies the role of banker. However, sometimes this role may be occupied by players who rotate slowly.

● There is only one hand dealt that is a non-bank hand.

● Players may bet with the bank or against the bank.


There are usually six or eight standard decks of cards used.


In the case that the role of the banker rotates the players will follow the same banking rules as baccarat banque. Most of the time the casino will keep the bank and in this case the bank is handled in the following format:

● The house betting limit limits the size of bets on hands, not the actual bank. A player can request to have the house betting limit increased in some cases.

● There are no rules for precedence in betting and there are no banco bets, either.

● Single players are allowed to play.

● Winning bets on the bank usually have to pay a 5% levy to the casino.


When a player is betting on the bank he must place his bet on the appropriate place on the table. This is located in the center of the table.

A player that bets the bank will lose will place his bet on the section with a number that is located in front of him.

Players may also choose to back the bank in the hopes that it will have a natural eight or nine. If the bank does have a natural eight or nine the player will be paid at the odds of nine to one.


The game is played the same as in chemin de fer, except there are no options for the player or banker. Instead, the options become draw plays. As a result, the following occurs:

● If a player has a hand that totals 5 he must draw.

● If the banker is holding a hand of three then after he gives a nine he must draw. Similarly, if holding a five hand after giving a four he must draw.

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