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Mini Baccarat and Makccarat Baccarat

Mini Baccarat and Makccarat

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Mini Baccarat
When the game of baccarat is played on a really small table it is called mini baccarat. The rules are basically the same and there is only one dealer who handles everything. When players are involved in a mini baccarat game they usually find that it goes considerably faster. Another difference is that the betting minimums and maximums are usually somewhat lower. Many casinos only offer this version of baccarat, aside from those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Another version of baccarat, that is heavily modified, is known as Makccarat. The similarity of baccarat and makccarat is that if a natural is hit by either the player or the banker then the game is over. A difference is that when neither an 8 nor 9 is held by the player or banker the side with the lowest scores draws their next card first. If the score of the player that drew the additional card is higher than the opposing player’s score then that player may also draw an additional card.

However, if one side is not capable of beating the other side’s score then the game will end. If a hand arises where the banker and the player have the same initial score then the additional card will be drawn by the player first. An example would be when the player has a beginning score of 1 and the banker has a beginning score of 0. In this case the banker draws the additional card first. If the banker does not raise his score with the additional card then the player wins. If the banker does raise his score with the additional card then the player may draw an additional card.

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