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Basic Baccarat Strategy

Basic Baccarat Strategy

Table 5 below allows you to see the house edge and that it is worthwhile to bet on the banker hand. In fact, the best strategy you can have in baccarat if you want to win is to bet on the banker’s hand every single time. Don’t waste your efforts writing down the past wining hands to try and forecast what will win next. This game is 100% about luck so there is no way to forecast or anticipate what might happen. As you can see from the table, you may bounce back and forth between the banker and player bets, but the tie bets should really be off limits.
baccarat probability and edge chart

No Commission Baccarat

There have actually been quite a few different versions of baccarat with no commissions that have been introduced. This was done to try and eliminate the large banker bet commission of 5%.

Singapore Version

This version was created in Singapore and has a pay scheme of 1-2 when the banker wins with an 8. When this occurs, the house has an edge of 4.07%. There have been other version in the past, too. Like one in Atlantic City that paid the banker 1-2 for a 6. This gave the house an edge of 1.46%. Some countries like the Netherlands supposedly have a house edge of .93% for 1-2 on a 5.
Om the second version the conventional player rules are followed by both the banker and the player. However, if one hand wins on a 3 then there will be a push. In this situation, the banker and player bets would both be against the house edge of 1.54%.
The  next version is relatively new. In this case, the traditional banker rules are followed except in the case of a winning 7 made up of three different cards. In this case, this would not be a win but a push instead. The house edge would be 1.02% as a result. This is just a little bit better than regular baccarat.

Baccarat Tips

It’s best to avoid the no commission games, even if they seem like a good deal in their title. The regular baccarat games  actually give you a better chance at winning!

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