Arabic (Arabi) Live Casinos | Online casinos that offer the Arab players a live dealer experience.

Are you looking for a list of live casinos that offer the Arabic language for live dealer games? Here's a list of the live online casinos that offer Arabic for the popular live roulette, live blackjack, and live baccarat games. Part of Semitic languages Arabic or Arabi as its called is popular in countries where Islam is practiced. Closely Related to Hebrew and other regional non armanic languages. Arabic is one of the ancient languages even before Christ's birth Arabic was practiced popularly. Densely populated Middle East and African countries where Islam is main religion Arabic is widely used. It is official language of Islam and spoken in almost more than twenty countries. Islam's holy book Quran is written in Arabic and thus it is revered by Muslims all over world .Its language of masses, religion and also medium of instructions in Islamic schools all over the world, all media telecasts and communication is done through Arabic only in countries practicing Islam. Arabic is spoken in Arab countries parts of Africa and also Asian countries.

Arabic practiced in modern world is derived from one of the most ancient languages of world which was classical Arabic. Turkish, Urdu and Persian can be called co sister of this language as they belong to same dialect family and lot of words are intermixed with each other in this languages. Many European languages have words derived from this ancient language as Arabic travelled through various travelers all over in field of business, art and culture. This influence is pretty strong in Spanish, Portuguese and other Mediterranean countries. This could be due to Arab rulers and traders spreading this language amongst various regions.

Arab is rich language in form of contents and influence of various other languages it has also borrowed words from European languages. Hebrew Persian and Turkish languages word’s can be identified in this language. Arabic written words are written from left to right as opposed to other modern languages. More than 280million speakers have this language as their native tongue. Popularity being all over the world and is ranked in 5 th position in spoken and written languages. language comes from family of Semitic languages. Spoken in different dialects like

In Western countries magrehebi, in central its Egyptian, in North Levantine and Iraqi and in south Gulf, Hejaz and Yemeni. the alphabets in Arabic system of writing is Latin, Arabic and garshuni i.e. Syrian

Arabic is an official language of more than 26 countries. Only French and English are more popular than Arabic.


Arabic is Spoken in three variations Classic, modern and dialectical Arabic.

Classical or traditional Arabic: This the traditional ancient language which was used to write the holy book of Quran and hence the most revered languages for all Muslims. Arabic is considered to be normative language and one of the most difficult languages to write. Modern authors have tried to follow its grammatical norms but had to modify their writing styles and patterns. Sibawah is one of the leaders who has laid down classical Arabic language pattern.

Modern Arabic :This the today’s language of modern speaking Arabia. The language which is used currently in day today’s life written in publications and books communicated through various medias is how this language is omnipotent in modern Islamic world. Standard Arabic or Modern Arabic as its called is less complicated in terms of grammar and easily spoken through out Africa and other Arab speaking countries. This has interspersion of other local languages and influences from international languages too. This language has adopted lot of styles and structure from the original Quran,

Dialectical Arabic :As Arabic is not only language of communication in Arab countries but also has widespread usage amongst followers of Islam worldwide. It tends to acquire a regional or Dialectical flavor of the other languages of that particular country or region. Although the base remains Arabic but the intermingling of different cultures and languages have been seen as giving it a distinctive identity of its own. For e.g. Arabic spoken in Pakistan will be much different than Arabic spoken in middle east or Africa. pronunciation, grammar and structure all undergo a remarkable modifications. This kind of Arabic is mostly found in its informal communication like dialogues, chat shows media, poetry and folklores slangs. Many of the times emphasis is on spoken and audio communication and written communication is kept to bare minimum levels. Maltese language although is from Arabic family is so distinct that it is now an official language of Malta.

Arabic has been responsible for influencing many other language all over the world and imparting its distinct flavor to this languages. Balkubhi, Bengali, Catalan, Hindustani, Greek, Guajarati, Kurdish, Malay, Marathi Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, sindhi, Spanish and many more languages of all continents. Wherever The Arabic speaking Traders have traveled or the Arab conquerors have gone they have left an imprint in form of Arabic languages confluence with local lingo.

Writing system is in form of mix of Arabic alphabet, Syriac alphabet and even Latin alphabet called gharshuni.

Major Dialectical groups of Arabic languages are as follows

Magrehi Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Mesopotamian Arabic and lavetian Arabic


Three vowels –long and short form of /a/,/I/,/u/.Consonants are written double aa, bb, cc, dd