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Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker: Game Guide

At the moment, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is one of the most famous Poker games in the entire world. There are two types of Texas Hold ‘Em in our Casino; “Auto Texas Hold ‘Em” and “Live Texas Hold ‘Em.” The Live Texas Hold ‘Em uses the extra option of Video Streaming Live from the Casino with a live dealer playing and dealing the cards via a Video Link, offering a real casino environment.

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Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker : Game Guide
Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is the only live dealer poker via webcam online today! Live video feeds of the real poker dealer show your cards right from a real deck. Get the exciting thrill of playing with a real live poker dealer online.
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Live Texas Hold ‘Em with Bonus Poker
Auto Texas Hold ‘Em with Bonus Poker
texas Hold'em Bonus Poker with live online dealers
Auto Texas Hold'em

Loading the Game

To login, just use the registered username and password that you used to sign-up after opening the website. An account information window will be shown after signing in. The image/button shown the words “Play Now” will appear on the left side of the window. Press this button to open the Game Lobby screen. HERE you can find more information on the Live Poker Guide.

In the Game Lobby you may choose to play “Auto Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker” at the “Table & Card Games” option or “Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker” at the “Live Casino Games” option.
After pressing the link for “Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker,” a screen pop up will be shown that will start loading the game. A loading progress bar will show the quantity of the game that is being loaded. The Poker game will be available for play when the loading is at 100% complete.

Understanding the Game

This game is the same as the one found on any Casino, with the similar game style.

Game Rules

This game, Texas Hold’Em Poker, is played in the style of “heads up,” in which the dealer hand is matched against your hand only.

Before the initial hand is dealt, you must put an “Ante,” in order to receive your first card. A “Bonus” bet may also be set. The “Bonus” bet is paid, after the first two card are dealt, if you won (look at the bonus bet section for more information). You may select between “Bet” or “Fold,” after the first two cards are given also. You must press the “BET” button, if you want to keep on playing, in order to do a “Flop” bet be the same to double the “ANTE” bet. The three flop cards will be shown, continuing the game (the three flop cards are placed on the right portion of the playing Table). Then, you have the options of “Check” or “Bet” on the “Turn.” The “Turn” bet costs the same quantity as the starting “Ante” bet. The “Turn” card is then dealt. At this point, you may choose to “Check” or “Bet” on the “River.” The “River” bet costs the same quantity as the starting “Ante” bet. Now, the dealer’s hand will be displayed. Winning hands are paid after all the cards have been displayed. If you did not want to continue playing, you must press the “Fold” button (your initial “Ante” bet will be lost).

Every Bet choice is timed, in the Live option of this game. Choosing your options must be placed before the timer runs out. If the “Bet” option is not chosen, the game will consider that you have “Folded” on the Flop, or “Checked” on the “Turn” or “River” bets. Your hand has to be better than the dealer’s hand in order to win. The final hand is composed of the best five card hand that can be form from your or dealer’s first two cards, and the five common cards dealt on the table. Bets are paid on a one to one ratio. The “Ante” bet is not paid if your hand is not composed of a Flush or better, being taken off. Hands with a lower rank than the dealer will lose and hands with a higher rank will win. In hands with the same value, the next highest card of each hand determines the winner. A Draw is called, if hands are still the same in value.

In a game that ends in a draw, all bets are given back but the Bonus bet.

Placing Bets

Position your mouse on top of the chip at the corner of the table which shows the value of the chip that you want to place, in order to make a bet, and press the left mouse button. A yellow ring will now cover the chip, representing that you have chosen this chip value in your play. Hover the mouse to the location on the table where you want to position your bet. If the location is allowed a small rectangle will appear and show the name of the location. To set the chip, just press the left mouse button. A chip will now appear in the location that you placed it on the table. You can position more chips, as there will still be chips that will follow the mouse. The small rectangle that was showing the name of the location will now show the value position on that location and the name of the location.

If you want another chip value, just position the mouse on the corner of the table, put it on top of the chip that you would like to select and press the left mouse button. The new chip chosen will now have the yellow ring around it instead of your previously selected chip. Chips may reorder themselves or change in value, if you position more than one chip on a particular location. These chips will have the same value, but may have just changed to keep the order of “smallest chip on top and largest chip on the bottom” or may have changed to the least amount of chip to display the value.

Bonus Bets (Bonus Bet Payouts)

Ace – Ace
30 – 1
Ace – King (suited)
25 – 1
A – Q or A – J (suited)
20 – 1
Ace – King (un-suited)
15 – 1
K – K, Q – Q or J – J
A – Q or A – J (un suited)
Any Pair 2 – 10

Removing Bets

Just right-click the portion of the table that you want to withdraw your chips from (this will remove the chips in that area beginning with the smallest value). Press and release the mouse over the pile of chips that you want to remove, if you would like to remove a pile of chips. This pile of chips will now go with the mouse. Just press and release the right mouse button to disappear all the chips. You may even press and release the right mouse button if the chip pile is off the table.

Ranking of Hands

The table below displays the several ranks of cards in order of lowest to highest value; you may also place a bonus bet with the ante bet. This can be a bet of any quantity determined by the limits of Maximum and Minimum’s. This allows for the first two cards drawn for a “Bonus Payout” according to the cards dealt. After the first two cards are drawn, the bonus bet is paid or taken.

The “Ante” bet gives you the choice of putting a “Bonus” bet. This can be a bet of any quantity determined by the limits of Maximum and Minimum’s. This gives the first two cards drawn to a “Bonus Payout” based on the cards dealt. After the first two cards are drawn, the bonus bet is either taken or paid.

Hand Rank
High Card
Highest Card or Cards in either hand. (2) Low Through to Ace (High).
One Pair
A hand containing two cards with the same picture or value.
Two Pairs
A hand containing two pairs of cards.
Three of a kind
A hand containing three cards with the same picture or value.
A hand containing 5 cards of any suit in numerical order.
A hand containing 5 cards the entire same suit.
Full House
A hand containing a Two of a Kind and a Three of a Kind.
Four of a Kind
All four cards of the same face value.
Straight Flush
All cards are of the same suit and in numerical order.
Royal Flush
5 cards of the same suit in the order 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.

There is the option at the point of placing the ante bet to also place the bonus bet. The bonus bet only pertains to the player’s hole cards versus the dealer’s hole cards and has no bearing on the rest of the hand. This bet must be the same as the ante bet at minimum and is not a required bet as the player can choose to skip this at any point before the hand has begun.

The dealer will then match their hole cards against the player’s hole cards and without revealing their hand, pay out or rake the bonus bet depending on who won. The game then proceeds as a standard hand of Texas Hold Em. The player may also choose to fold at this point if the cards they have receive are not ones they wish to play but they do forfeit the ante bet at the point.

Three cards are then dealt face up in the middle of the table and the player has two choices at this stage. They may either bet or check their hand but unlike regular Texas Hold Em, there is no other bet to be placed by other players. This is strictly heads up versus the dealer hand and not any other players at the table.

The play precedes much the same way for the next two cards being dealt which is the player may choose to check or bet on each street. Once all five cards are on the table and the bets have all been placed, the hole cards are turned up and the hands are compared. Bets are paid out at a 1 to 1 ratio at each point where the player has wagered.

The game itself is fairly easy to learn and the player must simply have a better five card hand than the dealer in order to win. With seven cards total to work with, the player’s odds are fairly good that they can draw to a decent hand in order to beat the dealer. The trick with this particular game is when a good starting hand is received, to bet at each street in order to get maximum return from the dealer when the winning hand is revealed.