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Rubicon Bezique

A popular version of bezique is Rubicon bezique where two players play with just a few differences. The deck has is made of four piquet decks or 128 cards. The deal is dealt in singles or in threes and each player receives nine cards. Trumps are determined by either players’ declaration of marriage or the first sequence. The 7 of trumps does not have value and none of the stock cards are turned over.

Rubicon: Declarations



50 points

B. 150 points


1500 Points


4500 Points

Play for Rubicon bezique is the same as regular bezique except for the fact that 50 points are given for the last trick.

There are some changes to the declarations. You can see above how the declarations a-d are laid out. The following explanation will help you better understand.

A. This is known as carte blanche and is worth 50 points. As long as the hand does not have a face card, even after drawing a new card, then carte blanche can be scored again and again until a face card is drawn.

B. This setup is called a back door or ordinary sequence. This is a sequence that is not of the trump suit and scores 150 points.

C. Three queens of spades and three jacks of diamonds is a triple bezique and scores 1500 points.

D. The quadruple bezique is an outstanding hand of four queens of spades and four jacks of diamonds. It scores 4500 points.

Brisques in this game are not counted unless the score is tied. They may also be sued to keep a player from being rubiconed, which simply means the player did not make 1000 points. If one player counts brisques then both players must count them.

The game is a single deal and the player that has the highest score wins an additional 500 points as well as the point difference between the two scores. Should the loser be rubiconed, or not score 1000 points, then he will win 1000 points in addition to his score, the loser’s score, and 320 points for all the brisques. (This rule is followed even if the winner is rubiconed, or doesn’t score 1000 points). If the loser does not score at least 100 points then the winner is awarded an additional 100 points. The only time fractions of points are scored is if the scores are really close.



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