Keno Guide

Introduction to Keno

There are benefits and drawbacks to playing Keno, just like any other casino table game. The drawback in this one is that the house has the biggest edge compared to other table games. The benefit is that the game is played very slowly and bets can be quite small, even as low as $1. If you have put yourself on a gambling budget, but want to have a lot of fun, then Keno may be the right game for you.

The following table shows the odds of an average Keno game. You can see your odds of catching any of the numbers from 0-9 on this pay table in relation to the contribution. You see the return is also outlined for your review. When you look at the probability and the return you see it is quite low in relation to what you could actually win. However, people win at Keno all the time so don’t let the numbers discourage you.

Progressive Keno

With Progressive Keno positive expectation bets rarely occur because the casinos cap the jackpot to deter this from happening. There are several Las Vegas casinos, however, that will offer uncapped Progressive Keno games so just look around for them. Fremont and the Gold Coast are two examples of where you can find an uncapped Progressive Keno game in Vegas. There may be others, too, you should just ask around to find them.

With progressive games like this there is at some point a time where the returns on the game become positive. A good example is of a progressive game offering $2 on 8 and 9 spots with a shared jackpot. In this particular game the player should always play the 8 spot because it is six times more likely to win. There is never any good reason to play the 9 spot in a set up like this. It is important for the player to know the odds of the game he is playing in order to make the very best decisions.


If you win big, don’t expect to keep it all for yourself. In fact, you must share a great deal with the IRS and the casino will require you to complete a form if you win more than $1500. However, in this case you can deduct the price of the ticket from your winnings. So, if you were to win $1500 you could deduct the $1 price of the ticket for a total winnings of $1499 and you would not need to fill out the tax form.

Video Keno

If you like Keno, but wish the odds were better, then you ought to try Video Keno. With Video Keno the odds are much better of winning. In fact, they are closer to 85% or more. The 1 spot is lower at 75% because it always pays 3 to 1. The one way you might lose more often per hour with Video Keno as opposed to live Keno is because you can play it much faster. When you play more games per hour the odds of you losing goes up.

The following table is a random sample of winnings in various casinos based on 12 8 spot 25 cents games. The majority of the casinos had the same pay tables, or pay tables that were very similar. You can see from the returns in the table below that they are very close and exactly the same in many cases.

Keno Strategy

When it comes to Keno, there really is no strategy you can follow in order to pick winning numbers. You can’t study the winning numbers from the past and playing combo tickets won’t improve your strategy, either. The amount of number picked will affect your odds of winning, but the exact numbers picked won’t. The odds are the same of winning with any number.

Keno Overview

With Keno, the numbers you pick are not that important. What is important is where you play. You need to do the math and research to find the best odds for Keno. If you are going to play you might as well play at the casino that offers you the best odds and the lowest house edge. Some casinos have house edge over 60% and that is too high when there are many others to choose from with much lower numbers.

Remember, when playing Video Keno you have a better chance of winning. Although, when you play faster your odds of losing increase because you are playing more games per hour. Keep this in mind. The best strategy for playing Keno is betting low and going as slow as possible. If that isn’t your speed you should probably find another game to play. This means playing $1 tickets in live Keno and the nickel machines in video keno. Look for progressive meters, too, because when their meters are close to breakeven you will want to play.

Online Casinos that offer online Keno

The following casinos offer online keno:

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