Casino War Guide

Introduction to Casino War

If you are looking for an easy and fun game to play then Casino War is right for you. This is the easiest game there is to play and many people find that quite enjoyable because they don’t really have to think very hard. You probably have played the popular game of War at some point in your life. If this is the case then you will remember how to play and find that useful in Casino War. There are similarities and differences, however. When playing the dealer and player each get a different card. The highest card always wins. In the event of a tie the player may choose between two things. He may surrender his card or he may go to war.

The rules here can be somewhat confusing and many times the player believes he has the advantage. When there is a war, according to the rules, the original wager is matched by both the player and the dealer. Each is dealt a new card and the one with the highest card wins. In the event of another tie the player wins over the dealer.

Instead of going to war, you could surrender your card and half your bet. This might not be the best option in some cases, however it is a safer bet that is good to have.

Casino War Payout

Number of Decks
Go to War Bonus
Go to War No Bonus
97.94% 97.58% 97.06% 64.71%
97.76% 97.30% 96.60% 74.76%
97.71% 97.21% 96.45% 78.06%
97.69% 97.16% 96.38% 79.71%
97.68% 97.14% 96.33% 80.69%
97.67% 97.12% 96.30% 81.35%
97.66% 97.11% 96.28% 81.82%
97.66% 97.10% 96.27% 82.17%

With Progressive Keno positive expectation bets rarely occur because the casinos cap the jackpot to deter this from happening. There are several Las Vegas casinos, however, that will offer uncapped Progressive Keno games so just look around for them. Fremont and the Gold Coast are two examples of where you can find an uncapped Progressive Keno game in Vegas. There may be others, too, you should just ask around to find them.

With progressive games like this there is at some point a time where the returns on the game become positive. A good example is of a progressive game offering $2 on 8 and 9 spots with a shared jackpot. In this particular game the player should always play the 8 spot because it is six times more likely to win. There is never any good reason to play the 9 spot in a set up like this. It is important for the player to know the odds of the game he is playing in order to make the very best decisions.

Casino War Overview

Reviewing this table you can easily see that on ties you should always go to war and that it makes sense to play Casino War at casinos that offer bonuses. This game is very fast so expect to lose a lot on an hourly basis. It’s not the game of your childhood, but it is pretty close not to mention a lot of fun.

Online Casinos that offer Casino War

The following casinos offer online keno:

Lucky Live Casino - 100% up to €100 (wager requirement of 37X bonus only)
DublinBet Live Casino - 100% up to €100 (wager requirement of 37X bonus only)


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