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The game of Bezique is based on card games that were played as many as 350 years ago and originated in France. During the 19th century this game became very popular. The game is based on two players, however there are variations that will accommodate three players or more. The popular game of pinochle is based on bezique.

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Two Handed Bezique

A double piquet deck is the deck that is used in Bezique. This is a deck that has two standard decks combined with the cards 2-6 removed from each. This results in one large 64 card deck. The card rank is listed to the side and is A high, 10, K, Q, J, 9, 8, 7.


The objective of the gmae of bezique is to make melds or declarations that will win. Also, it is to win tirckes that have brisques. Brisques are are cards that have certain scores.


The deal is dtermined by the players cutting the deck. Then, the dealer gives each player eight cards. The cards are dealt three at a time, two at a time, then three at a time. The next card in the deck, which would be the 17th card, is placed face up on the table and this becomes the trump suit for the hand. If the card happens to be a 7 then the dealer will have an automatic score of 10 points.

The stock is then formed by placed the rest of the cards in a pile face down.

Play takes place in two stages.

The first stage will last for hoiwever long the stock has cards. The first player is the non-dealer. Then, after each trick the winner takes the lead.

Declarations can be made after a trick is won.

Any declaration may be made by the winner after each trick. The winner of the trick will then draw first from the stock and then the loser afterwards. The last stock card is taken by the winner of the last trick and the exposed trump card is taken by the loser.

At this stage of the game the players do not have to follow suit. The highest card of the suit that led or else a trump card will take the trick. When cards that have the same value are played the trick is won by the card that led the trick.

The second stage is played after the stock has been used up. For the last eight tricks the players must follow suit. However, if they can’t follow suit then they may trump. If a player is able to win a trick he must do so. Ten points goes to the winner of the last trick.


After winning a trick, declarations may be made. Each meld’s cards must be placed in front of the player face up. However, they can be played to tricks like they were still part of the hand.

TRUMPS the following cards

A 20 points

B 40 points

C 40 points

D 40 points

E 60 points

F 80 points

G 100 points

H 250 points

I 500 points

J 10 points

The following is how these declarations can work, based on the letters that represent each set of cards.

A This is called a common marriage. It is when there is a king and queen of the same suit, notwithstanding trumps. The common marriage is 20 points.

B The King and Queen of a trump suit is called a royal marriage. This is equal to 40 points.

C. The queen of spades and jack of diamonds are called Bezique. It is worth 40 points.

D. Any set of 4 jacks is equal to 40 points.

E. Any set of 4 queens is equal to 60 points.

F. Any set of four kings is equal to 80 points.

G. Any set of four aces is equal to 100 points.

H. Sequence: A, 10, K, Q, and J pays 250 points when it is of the trump suit, not at any other time.

I. A double bezique is worth 500 points because it is both queens of spades and both jacks of diamonds.

J. The 7 of trumps exchanged for the face up card is worth 10 points. The other 7 of trumps is 10 points when it is played, but it is not a declaration.

After winning a trick, a player can only make one declaration. However, if the player has exposed cards that show he could potentially make another declaration then he may declare that he will take a particular declaration on the next trick. A second declaration similar to this may not be based on one of the same cards. An example of this would be if the declaration was for four queens then the player could not make a second declaration for four queens, but he could declare the queen as part of bezique, royal marriage, double bezique, or a sequence.

When cards are used to make up a bezique then they may be used later to make a double bezique. However, these cards may not be used again to make up bezique.

Bisques occur when a 10 and an Ace are taken in tricks and these receive 10 points each. Each player is responsible for counting his tricks when the game is over.

The game is up to 1000 or 2000 points.


When a player plays out of turn, meaning he draws a card out of turn, then he will give his opponent 10 points.

If a player has more than 8 cards then he will give his opponent 100 points as long as he has the right number of cards in his hand. If a player moves on to the next trick and does not draw a card during the first stage then he will forfeit 10 points. If a player does not follow suit during the last eight tricks, if he is able to follow suit, then he essentially forfeits all eight tricks to the other player.


Special bezique markers are the best way to score the game. However, pencil and paper will also work. Some people use a cribbage board or other counters.

Three Handed Bezique

Three handed bezique is played the exact same way as two handed bezique. The only difference is that 96 cards are used, from three piquet decks and each player plays for himself. This game has 1500 points.



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