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Six Deck Bezique

When bezique is played with six decks it is frequently called Chinese bezique and is actually a variation of rubicon bezique. There are some changes, however, to the rules that govern six deck bezique as opposed to rubicon bezique.

First of all, there are six piquet decks with 192 cards shuffled together. The deal includes 12 cards to every player that are dealt in packets of three or one at a time. The first player to declare marriage or a sequence indicates the trump. Brisques have no bearing in this version. The same as in rubicon bezique, declarations can be made and cards can be reused. In six deck bezique the carte blanche has 250 points. Winning the last trick also counts 250 points. Other declarations include in the trump suit:

A. Carte Blanche, 250 points

B. Four jacks are 400 points.

C. Four queens equals 600 points

D. Four kings equals 800 points

E. Four 10s equals 900 points

F. Four aces equal 1000 points.



250 points

B. 400 Points

C. 600 Points

D. 800 Points

E. 900 Points

F. 1000 points

Bezique depends on the suit that is trumps in the following order: hearts, queen of hearts, and jack of clubs; diamonds, queen of diamonds, and jack of spades; clubs, queen of clubs, and jack of hearts; spades, queen of spades, and jack of diamonds.

The game is one deal and the scores are the same as the way they are calculated in rubicon bezique. The differences are that there is a game bonus of 1000 points rather than the 500 points in the other game. And, rather than scoring 1000 points the rubicon score is 3000 points!



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