How to Play Banker and Broker

Game: Banker and Broker

The game of Banker and Broker is fast and furious and those who like to bet better know how to do so fast with this game! This game has lots of different variations and is also known as blind hooker and Dutch bank.

What's Needed?
A standard deck of cards and cash or betting chips are all that is needed.


For Banker and Broker at least two players are needed.

Card Rank

The rank of cards is normal and suits are not ranked.


Players try to bet on a card that is higher than the card the banker bet on.

First Banker

The first banker is chosen by cut.

Shuffle and Cut

Shuffle and cut in Banker and Broker is normal.

Betting Limits

The betting limits depend on what the players agree upon.

Basic Game Play

The basic game play is as follows.

  1. First, the banker takes several sections from the deck of cards. Each section is for a player as well as the dealer.
  2. Each player will then bet on his section of cards by either laying cash or chips by his section.
  3. Then, the sections are all turned over by the banker to reveal the bottom card.
  4. Finally, the cards that have a lower denomination than the banker's card will lose their bets to the dealer. Cards that have a higher denomination than the dealers' are paid 1 to 1.

Points of Variation

  1. The bottom card is sometimes discarded or a section on the bottom will be unused after the cut.
  2. The bets may be placed either before the cut or after the cut.
  3. The number of sections depends on the variation. The dealer may cut two sections for the players and one for himself. In this variation the players bet on either or both of the player sections. The dealer may choose to cut sections for all players, up to seven, and one for himself. Or, the dealer can vary the amount of sections from hand to hand and the players bet however they like.
  4. When the banker's denomination equals one that the player bet on then either the banker wins or the player's bet will be returned.
  5. Change of banker depends on the variation. It can pass one player to the left after each game, or it can be cut for after each game.




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