Bango Card Game. It's like Bingo but with Cards

Bango is much like Bingo, except that it is played by turning cards over rather than covering them up on a board.

What's Needed?

Two decks of standard 52 card decks are needed with different colored backs. This could be a blue deck and a red deck, or any other distinguishable variation.

Betting chips are also needed to play Bango.


Anywhere from three to 10 players may play Bango at one time.


The objective of Bango is for all of the face up cards a player has to be turned face down first. The first player to achieve this wins.


The choice of the first dealer occurs by a deal. The first ace to be dealt is the dealer.

Shuffle and Cut

The dealer and the player on his immediate left will each shuffle one of the decks of cards. Then, both the dealer and the player that shuffled the cards will offer the player to the right of the dealer the decks of cards to cut, separately.


Before each deal each player agrees on an amount to put into the ante pool.


The deal takes place from one deck and each player receives five cards dealt face up. The cards are dealt face up and one at a time, including to the dealer. After the deal the remaining deck is placed to the side and not used in play.


Each player then arranges their cards in front of them, placing them face up. Once arranged, the dealer will then take the second deck and begin flipping over cards, one at a time, onto the table while calling the suit and denomination.

Should any player have the same card that is flipped over on the table in front of him, including suit, then he will flip his card over. This goes for the dealer as well.

This continues until one player has all of his cards turned over. When this happens the player must shout out "Bango."


The dealer must then check the player's cards to ensure that he indeed has Bango. If there were no mistakes made after comparing the player's hand to the cards that were turned over on the table then that player will win the pool.

Dealer Change

After each hand the deal passes one player to the left.

Example of a Game of Bango with 3 Hands

Hand #1

Hand #2

Hand # 3

End of the Game one player's hand looks like this:

Assuming the first hand won and all cards are upside down, the second and third hands could potentially appear as those demonstrated below:

Only two cards are turned over because only two matching cards came up in the deck.

In this example there are four cards turned over and only one remaining. This hand is close to winning, but with one card left over it is just shy of it.

The cards that were dealt will then be turned over and there could be quite a few as follows:

These are all the cards that were turned over in the hands. However, in this stack there could conceivably be other cards that were not in any of the three hands.

Bango Variant

In this version of Bango only the actual face value of the card is taken into consideration, rather than the face value and the suit. The dealer flips a card over and calls it rank. Then, players flip over all the cards that have that particular rank in their hand.




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