Auction Pitch: How to Play

Auction Pitch

The game of Auction Pitch comes from the game of Seven Up and in the United States it is actually quite popular. Sometimes this game is called Setback and two to seven players can play at once.

Cards- A regular deck of cards is used and the Ace is the high card.

Deal- The deal is decided by cutting for the deal. The player with the highest card deals. Tehn, eahc player is dealt in packets of three six cards face down.

Objective- The objective of the game is to try and score the right amount of points in order to win the game.

Bidding- Every player must bid and the bidding starts with the player on the dealer’s left. The bid is one, two, three, or four and passes are allowed. When a player makes a bid he is esentialy saying that is how many points he wants to make. When a player bids four that is called a “smudge”, “slam”, or “shoort the moon.”

Play- The pitcher’s card determines the trump and he leads the way to the first trick. For a trump sut the other players must play the same suit. However, if they cannot play the suit they have to discard a card. In a suit that is not the trump suit players may play a trump card or follow the suit. They have to discard a card if they cannot do either one.

Scoring- Points are scored for the players other than the pitcher the same way as in Seven Up. A player receives one point for the “high” trump card, one point for the “low” trump card, one point for the trick’s jack of trumps, and one point for the player who has the highest amount of tricks in a “game”. In this case an Ace is a four, king a three, wueen a two, and one for a jack and 10 for a 10.

The pitcher will only receive points if his score is as large as or larger than his bid. If he does not make as many points as he bid hten he will lose the number of points he bid.

Game- The game is usually played to seven points however the players may decide to play to more like 10, 11, or even 21 points.

With Joker- Auction pitch with a joker is a lot of fun and the joker is the lowest card of the trump suit being played.



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