How to Play Ace Duece Jack

This game is known as a hustler’s game because the odds are loaded in favor of the hustler as long as he knows how to place the sucker on the wrong side. If the hustler knows how to do this then he will be able to take the loser’s money on average 60 of 100 times.

What’s Needed?

  • A standard deck of 52 cards and money to bet are all that is needed.


Only two players are required for play, but one must act as banker.

Hustler as Banker

The objective of the game is for the players to bet that none of the first three cards will be a jack, two or ace.

Betting Limits

The betting limits are determined before the game begins.


Cards are shuffled by the banker and all players can shuffle while the banker is the only one allowed to shuffle last. The deck may be cut after the last shuffle by any player other than the banker.


The banker will remove three cards from the bottom of the deck all the while ensuring the values are not shown to other players. Then, these cards are considered “dead” cards and then are set aside.

Then, the cards from the deck will be cut into two groups by the banker. The banker must ensure that the other players do not see what cards are in the groups. He then places the cards beside the deck so there are three groups of cards on the table.

Bet and Play

A bet may be placed by all players except the banker. After the bet the banker is the one that turns the three sections of cards over to expose the card on the bottom of each mini deck.


The banker will take all the bets if any one of the cards is a jack, deuce, or ace. If none of the cards is one of these three then the banker has to pay all bets at a 1 to 1 ratio.

Continuing Play

After a round, the cards are collected and shuffled, then cut, and played again.

Three stacks of cards

The dealer turns them over to reveal the bottom card in each stack, as exemplified below:

In this example, an ace appears meaning the banker takes all bets. In the following example, when there is no ace, jack, or deuce, the banker pays one to one.

Three stacks of cards

Turn them over to reveal the bottoms:

The players receive a payment of one to one with this setup.



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