Pay Safe Card

Pay Safe Card

The PaySafeCard has been in existence since 2000 and is considered to be the best way to deposit funds online by many people. The card is available at local retailers worldwide and requires no special account or information for use. When the card is purchased, be sure and retain the slip that comes with it as it has a 16 digit PIN code that will be needed for its use.

PaySafeCards are sold as a form of e-voucher which allows the user to deposit funds online without revealing any personal information such as a credit card or bank account number. This is far and above the safest method for getting money online and one of the quickest. Once the card information has been input at the website’s cashier, the funds are available instantly as the card was purchased through an authorized dealer.

These are sold at over 280,000 retail dealers around the world from convenience stores to kiosks that allow them to be purchased much in the same way a phone card is. These cards come in denominations of £10, £25, £50 or £75 and can be combined to make up a larger deposit, should one be desired. PaySafe allows for up to 10 cards to be put together, but the amount cannot exceed £1000 for a single deposit.

These cards are available for purchase in over 20 countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France and Germany. The list also includes Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. With this type of coverage, there is literally nowhere on the planet that these cannot be found and purchased.

This should eliminate a lot of the fears people have about depositing money online as no personal information is needed. Since they are being paid for in cash at the time of purchase, the websites consider it as good as handing them money in person. The funds are immediately posted to the player’s account for use after the 16 digit code is input.

There are almost no reported problems by customers when using this as a deposit method. Should any arise, the first point of contact should be the local retailer where the card was purchased. If that avenue does not show to be fruitful, PaySafeCard has a website and a full support staff available to help with any issues whether it is with actual use, amount that should be on the card or simply questions on how it can be used.

Contact Information:

Prepaid Services Company Ltd. International House
1 Yarmouth Place
London W1J 7BU

Phone: +44 (0)203 326 7014
Fax: +44 (0)207 629 8410

The PaySafeCard online payment system that is based in Austria in Vienna is an electronic payment system that has been around since the year of its inception in 2000. This online payment system is used by a few countries in Europe for transacting online payments with certain merchants and online gaming companies. Some of the countries that use this online payment system include Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, and a few other members of the European Union.


Unlike other online payment options that are available to users in Europe, the PaySafeCard system does not require people to register online or give out personal information just to be able to make purchases with the use of this system. The PaySafeCard is actually a prepaid card system that allows users to make purchases, play online casino games or poker games and other such activities with the amount that is found on the card that they purchase.

The PaySafeCard makes it possible for people to purchase with cash online by converting that cash into virtual money via the use of the prepaid card that they buy from authorized vendors. The usual denominations that these PaySafeCard units come in vary from a low of 10 British Pounds to a maximum amount of 75 British Pounds for UK users. Depending on the outlet that you purchase your PaySafeCard, you may be given a card that has the sixteen digit pin code you will need for transacting your online purchases with or you may be given a slip or receipt with the same sixteen digit pin code you will need to exact your online purchases or payments with.

Purchasing from PaySafeCard

How you use your PaySafeCard to purchase items online like lottery tickets, bingo games, and such all over Europe is quick and easy. All you have to do after you purchase your PaySafeCard from any of the authorized outlets near you is to enter the pin code for the card when you are prompted to do so. You will be given an option to have your PaySafeCard transactions secured with a password, and you can pay for larger amounts with the use of more than one PaySafeCard by encoding the pin numbers of each card until you reach the amount that you wish your PaySafeCard account to have.

The limit of cards you can encode is ten, and you can opt to combine these with the combine codes button that is found on the card input page of the PaySafeCard site. The total amount that you can have in a PaySafeCard account is 1,000 euros, and you can use the reamaining amounts whenever you need to since there is no time limit for how long you can have these credits stored online.

You can also use your PaySafeCard to pay for transactions in other currencies with the use of a currency converter that the company has in place for users. If you are transacting an online purchase or payment with the use of your PaySafeCard, and you are being asked to pay in a particular currency other than the one you purchased, the currency converter will help you pay the amount needed by converting your credits to the desired currency that is required for such a transaction.

Among the services you can pay for with the use of one or more PaySafeCards online include booking flights on SkyEurope, paying for Skype and Jajah Mobile usage, betting on Sportsbooks online and other bookmaking activities as well as, playing online games, online casino games, and online bingo games where you can win real money with your PaySafeCard bets. You can contact the customer service team of PaySafeCards by calling their international hotline at +44 (0)203 326 7014 or by calling their UK number at 0845 02 13 059. You can also e-mail your inquiries at or fill out their query form on their site.

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