Skrill (MoneyBookers)

MoneyBookers (Skrill)

One of the most widely used deposit methods online comes from This is an e-wallet account that can be funded multiple ways and is accepted on most major websites. It allows the user to deposit and withdraw funds to and from online accounts with ease and is completely free to top it all off.

Moneybookers has been around for well over 8 years and is well established in the European marketplace as a preferred method of payment. This is not, however, restricted to just Europe as Moneybookers services the entire world, allowing literally anyone in any country to open and use the account services. While U.S. citizens can open an account, only certain websites will take this as a deposit and withdrawal method for them.

Signing up is a short and simple process that only requires visiting the website and filling out a brief form. Then once the form has been filled out, the account will be activated and it can be funded a number of ways. This can be accomplished either by linking it directly to a bank account that is already in use or by attaching a credit or debit card to it.

The bank accounts are verified by Moneybookers making a small deposit, usually a few cents, to the account in question. When this has been done, an email is sent with a verification link in it. By retrieving the amount and clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the website and prompted to enter the deposit amount.

This is simply to verify that the information for both the account number and routing number to the account are correct. The verification process can take up to 3 to 4 business days in some cases as it depends on how quickly the bank processes electronic transactions. The verified account can then be funded from this method at anytime without having to re-enter the information over and over for each use.

The e-wallet concept allows the user to have one online account to fund multiple websites rather than having to enter the same information at each different website. This helps to keep personal and financial information secure and in one place. All data transmissions done through Moneybookers are encrypted to add another level to the security they provide for their clients.

With so many websites accepting this form of payment, it simply makes sense to have one account that can be trusted rather than spreading a credit or debit card all over the Internet. In this day and age where identity theft is a big issue, especially online, it is nice to know that the account holder’s information is safe and secure. They will never release account information to any website or merchant without express consent from the account holder.

It is rare for this particular e-wallet service to have issues but as with anything, they do happen. Depending on which country the account is funded from, the contact information for support differs slightly. You can contact MoneyBookers via their main website ( or by using one of the following methods:


Mailing address
Moneybookers USA, Inc.
155 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Call Center 24/7

Registering in Moneybookers

Registering on Moneybookers is not as fast as on other e-wallet sites. When you want to avail of the services of Moneybookers, the company requires you to present proof of your identity when you take out an account with them. This precautionary measure of providing proof of your identity is to help minimize money laundering and fraud that is sometimes perpetrated through such entities. The company even takes security measures one step further by requiring more identity verification steps for accounts that want to have a maximum amount of twenty thousand Euros.

Moneybookers is not exclusively used for online gambling purposes. The company is actually used for a lot of other purposes, like online purchasing, auction site payments, and many more. You can even send money to people in other countries with the use of your Moneybookers account. The restrictions that Moneybookers has in place are for U.S. users. While users in the US can receive and send funds via Moneybookers, they cannot use this account for online gambling. There are a lot of countries that Moneybookers serves, and for you to know whether your country is part of the list, you may need to register and check the drop-down list of countries that the registration form of the site has.


Fees for sending money via Moneybookers can amount to 1% of the amount you are sending. Depending on the country of origin, uploading funds via your credit card can cost somewhere between 0.90% and 2.50%. Bank transfers are facilitated for free. Withdrawing funds, however, come with varying fees with bank transfers for such transactions costing a standard 1.80 Euros and cheques costing 3.50 Euros. Using a Visa debit card to withdraw money with Moneybookers will also cost you 1.80 Euros per transaction. The credit cards that Moneybookers allows registered users to utilize with their accounts for international money transfers, uploads, and withdrawals include Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Amex, and Diners cards.

People who need to get in touch with the customer service department of the company can call their international number, which is +44 870 383 0232; and they can do so from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT. There is also a UK number that people can call, which is 0905 848 0011. For e-mail support, you will need to send the company your e-mail address via their e-mail support page, and their customer support staff will get back to you for your concerns. You can also contact them via snail mail at their address, which is Welken House, 10-11 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6EH, United Kingdom. Other ways you can get in touch with the company include fax numbers for certain countries like the United States, the UK, France, or Germany; however, they do have a couple of international fax numbers, which are +1 509 271 5556 and +44 870 922 3274.

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