Most customers get their virtual card by coming through one of EntroPay's many partners. The speedy registration operation simply transfers information already entered there in a secure fashion. Opening an account involves providing personal identifying information like name and birthdate, providing the specifics for the credit or debit card that will be used to place deposits into the account and then deciding how much money to deposit into the virtual Visa card.

Having an EntroPay account opens up a number of options for making deposits, receiving payments, withdrawing funds and transferring money between accounts. Though based in Malta, this electronic payment transfer service offers the ability to manage accounts in seven languages. Converting deposits to the customer’s local currency of choice is easy, as is the choice of using the Virtual Visa card, a typical MasterCard or bank transfers.

This digital wallet choice is easy for merchants and retailers too. They can make payments to EntroPay clients quickly, by using the virtual pre-loaded cards. Money owed to this services’ customers can be collected nearly instantaneously. Even for those who do not have a bank account in a particular country or location, EntroPay maintains full access to funds by storing them on a virtual card to be used when buying items online or by phone. There is also an upgraded account that includes a regular plastic charge card, backed by MasterCard and this opens up the door for ATM transactions and purchases at retail shops.

Personal privacy and security are closely guarded by this firm. EntroPay does not disclose any personally identifiable information nor do they provide financial information of transactions conducted by their customers. Clients who live in Europe or simply travel a lot will find the site’s currency converter to be a great asset.

The converter specifies exactly what the total charge will be when using a debit or credit card to put a deposit into an EntroPay account. There are 14 currencies available for conversions and the online process is well structured. It is possible to change either totals or currencies or both during the actual monetary transaction. Exchange rates can be locked when a transaction is done and this e-wallet claims some of the best exchange rates to be found internationally.

This company’s preloaded cards provide an efficient and economical way to access all types of online services, merchants and even casino and gaming sites. As with most e-wallets, spending money is always fee free with this electronic service provider. A full list of every charge and fee is clearly outlined on EntroPay’s website.

Customer Service and online usage support is available in two ways for EntroPay customers. The preferred and most secure choice is for a customer to log into their personal account and work directly with the Helpdesk agents in a secure area that eliminates the possibility of identity theft or other types of fraud. There is also an option to send emergency requests via email, which are answered in a priority fashion, and also an extensive FAQ page to address common questions.

With a majority of people using plastics for their day-to-day transactions, it is surprising that only a very small percentage-a little more than 25%-of these card holders have ever used these on their online transactions. If you ask the remaining 75% why they have not done so, they will surely answer that the reason for such behavior is that they are afraid that their credit card number will be stolen. However, a lot of transactions are easier to deal with online. Therefore, a new kind of e-commerce middle entities came into the scene. These make online transactions easier and safer as the credit card or bank account numbers of the clients do not show at the end of the transactions with the online stores or websites that the client wants to do business with. Entropay is one of the best middle payment processors between the clients and their online transactions. Here are the top 10 reasons for using Entropay:

1. Pay anywhere. Entropay is accepted anywhere as long as it can process a Visa card. Yet, because Visa is accepted in almost 99 percent of the websites, this means that you can use Entropay virtually anywhere you want to. However, it is not a bank account – just a debit card; therefore, you can only use it as such. You need to have a remaining balance in your account; otherwise, the transaction will be denied.

2. Open. In accordance with the law, those who are below 18 years old cannot do anything with Entropay, but virtually anyone over that age who owns a personal debit or credit card can open an account. Applications are accepted from a lot of countries all over the world. 3. Prepaid. There are no hidden monthly fees. However, each deposit will be charged a 4.5% fee. Spending your balance is free. But withdrawals will be charged with $6.

4. Real-time transactions. This applies for loading up your card. However, just like any credit facility, your purchases will only reflect days after of the actual transaction.

5. No minimum deposit/withdrawal amount. However, there might be some spending limits, but this depends upon the currency that you use; this information, though, is available to members only.

6. Allows several funding sources. Although you can only create one Entropay account, you are allowed to have more than one personal credit card or debit card linked to your account. This way, you have a lot of options for replenishing the card balance.

7. Easy application. Applying for an account is as easy as filling up some forms and waiting for approval, which can take only a few minutes after passing the application. You have to choose a username that must be at least 6 characters that should contain both letters and numbers for added security. You must provide some important personal details, but the only ID that you will be asked to provide is your funding source and your e-mail address. Your funding source can be any major credit or debit card.

8. Secure transactions. This is the most important aspect on any online transaction. Always check if the website you are transacting with has a valid security certificate, which you can find by double clicking on the padlock at the lower right corner of your browser. Also, the URL should start with an https://, which indicates that proper encryption is undergone before any information is sent to the website.

9. Secure customer service. Entropay prefers the use of their secure messaging facility found inside your Entropay account.

10. Registered. It is operated by the UK-registered company Ixaris Systems Ltd.

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