ECO Card

ECO Card

EcoCard is an Internet-based personal fund account linked to the MasterCard family of financial products. Accounts are linked to prepaid Mastercards and this brand is one of the leaders in the E-wallet industry in Europe. Psi-Pay Ltd is the parent company of EcoCard and is an FSA regulated and authorized company based in the UK.

Like the traditional MasterCard credit card, this digital wallet can be used to pay for services in any location where its logo is displayed. A large network of banking institutions throughout Europe make up the EcoCard network, providing the opportunity to make bank transfers in more than 25 countries. Receiving and making payments online are conducted in real time.

State of the art back office technology along with years of experience in the credit card financial field makes EcoCard a secure choice. Connecting to the online application and financial management sites is a secure process. Every single data transmission on the E-wallet’s protected website pages are encrypted using SSL.

The card is available for use immediately upon completing the online application. There are no annual fees or registration costs. Payment transactions are always free and making deposits is very simple. Nearly every international gaming merchant welcomes EcoCard and payment rejections are virtually non-existent. Since the product is an e-Wallet instead of a traditional bank credit card, there is no risk of accumulating large amounts of debt or overspending.

Because of the MasterCard affiliation, this digital wallet is accepted by literally millions of merchants worldwide. There is no cost when paying EcoCard merchants. The SSL data encryption ensures not only security but also keeps personal data hidden when making purchases on the Internet.

Receiving, sending and withdrawing money while abroad is an easy process with EcoCard. Transfers between accounts within the system are made in real time. There is no cost associated with receiving payments and seven languages are supported for the convenience of customers in a variety of locations.

Users may create accounts in more than 25 international currencies. Sending money abroad is quickly accomplished at very reasonable fees. Clients can withdraw funds into another bank account or receive them through any cash machine/ATM.

Deposits can be made in three basic ways. Money can be deposited in a bank account and transferred to the card. Credit and debit cards can be used to facilitate deposits into the EcoCard too. Canadian customers can use EFT for their deposit transactions.

Withdrawing money can be done online around the clock seven days per week. EcoCard members log into their account and complete a withdrawal request for the amount of money desired. Three business days are required to process the request form and up to five business days may be needed before the funds reach the desired bank account destination. Step by step instructions for both deposits and withdrawals are clearly described on the website.

Customer service is provided in a variety of ways by trained EcoCard representatives. For the quickest service the website provides live online customer support agents available around the clock. The format is the chat-based method familiar to most Internet users. You can also reach them by phone (+44 (0) 870 626 9580) or go directly to the website to fill out their contact form for an email response.

Parent company PSIPay was launched in 2006 by a management team of skilled UK financial professionals. EcoCard, formerly a merchant oriented payment engine was acquired by the company to provide a secure alternative to traditional banking based personal financial offerings. Major partners such as MasterCard and Barclays UK round out the company’s solid financial portfolio offerings.

Alternative payment systems for online transactions are making their way to being the standards of e-commerce as the popularity of credit cards went down due to security issues. Majority of credit card holders are afraid to use their cards in online payments in fear that their credit card numbers will be stolen. Due to this concern on online privacy and security, alternative online payments processers such as EcoCard are emerging to bring back the reliability of online transactions and reducing the tendencies of frauds.

Online activities such as gambling may attract a lot of security concerns on credit card holders; therefore, an alternative that allows the person to pay the online casinos without exposing or using their credit card numbers has gained popularity. This is where EcoCard comes in. It relies on the actual financial assets of the client. This means that there is no danger of fraud and possible charge-backs.

EcoCard can be used in a lot of online casinos. It is even one of the most preferred methods of payment because buying chips can be achieved within minutes while your security is maintained.

Transactions with casinos are better with EcoCard not only because of credit card security risks but also because gambling has a negative connotation. People would rather prevent such transactions from showing in their credit report. An online payment processor like EcoCard would not expose such financial particulars to the casino. But you must give out your real name and your address, of course.

EcoCard Limited has been providing clients with a secure system since 2000. It is a fast-growing alternative payment system, which enables you to shop and transact online; this ensures top-notch security and privacy. This prepaid virtual debit card caters to transactions of two major banks across Europe and handles transactions for more than 25 countries worldwide. Real-time Internet banking makes the transactions convenient for the client. You can also track the history of your transactions so that you can check whether these were all valid.

Registration is free. Deposits may be free for the card, but various transfer fees are charged by banks. Bank transfers are usually credited at 2 to 5 business days while cash deposits/money transfers are accounted for after 24 hours. Withdrawals through wire transfers are at $10 plus corresponding charges while bank cheques are at $25 and available only to United Kingdom and Italian clients. It takes two days to process any withdrawal request. Your payment for the casino of your choice is free of charge. After you deposit or wire funds from your bank, or from any other method, to EcoCard, you can use the money in the card for your transactions.

For questions pertaining to the card and its options, you can always check it from their website’s Help section. For questions not covered in their online helpdesk, you can fill out the web form. Customers can also leave a message on the answering machine with a UK telephone number +44 (0) 870 763 0177. Make sure to leave your account number, full name, home phone number with country dialling code, convenient time of calling, and your question. EcoCard takes pride in its dedicated customer support team, which caters to the needs of the customers during weekdays starting at 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., GMT. They will answer your queries at these times. For inquiries that you want to send on paper, these can be sent to their fax number +44 (0) 870 763 0188.

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