Diners Club

Diners Club

Today Diners Club is a member of the Discover Financial Services group. The brand is recognized throughout the world and has a reputation for having a high end customer base. Under the Discover umbrella, it has evolved into the areas of electronic payments and financial management offerings for every size and type of business. Diner's Club is accepted in 185 countries, by millions of merchants both online and otherwise. There are nearly three quarters of a million places to access cash with a Diner's Club card.

The benefits of Diners Club include its partnerships with both Discover and MasterCard. Anywhere a MasterCard logo appears, the Diner’s card is also welcomed. A comprehensive safety and security protocol guarantees the safety of all data transactions as well as a policy of not sharing private information with third parties. Should there be a problem with a purchase or service, all items secured with the card are covered by their Purchase Assurance policy. It actually not only guarantees refunds but provides benefits over the items purchased if the advent of fraud or damage.

One of the perks associated with this organization is members’ opportunities to use Diners Club private airport lounges at no cost. These lounges are found in about 130 airports globally and the company also offers travelers insurance called Travellercare Insurance. There is also an Executive Golfing membership offering.

While Diners Club cards are accepted in more places than ever before, there can be some issues regarding online gaming. There are banks that will not allow customers who hold their cards to conduct online transactions with virtual casinos. While the landscaping is changing, Diners Club is not the preferred payment provider for a great number of casinos. Diners Club also has deposit limits when it comes to online gaming. A $50 minimum and a $1200 maximum are this company’s rules for monthly casino deposits.

There are no fees included when signing up for a Diners Club Card but most online sources believe that the transaction costs are higher for both card owners and merchants when compared to other credit card companies. The company receives very high marks in the security area; it is believed that Diner’s Club is one of the world’s best ways to make safe payments.

In the gaming area, this card gets rave reviews for its excellent customer service and a high quality rewards program. Transactions are not only secure, but are high speed. Customer service representatives speak a variety of languages. The card has a reputation of being exclusive and potential applicants must provide proof of income. Cardholders also are responsible for paying the total bill amount due each month; there is no option to pay a minimum amount.

The downside for online casino fans is that it is often difficult for US citizens to establish their identities to access online casinos. Many gaming sites report that those who can make deposits with a Diner’s Club card are rarely able to make withdrawals. Diners Club credit cards are not currently as easy to use in the online gaming world as many other e-Wallet products can be.

To contact Diners Club for more information, call 1-800-234-6377. If you are located outside the United States, you can reach them by dialing 1-702-797-5532.

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