Secure deposits and withdrawals are just a few mouse clicks away with ClickandBuy. This is an easy to use, online e-wallet solution for anyone's funding needs. Signing up only takes a few minutes of time and then you are well on your way to having direct access to over 14,000 approved online vendors.

ClickandBuy is a London based e-wallet provider that has been serving the Internet community since for over 8 years. They offer multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to make the online funding experience as issue free as possible. There is a onetime registration process that only takes a few minutes of time to get completed.

They offer state of the art security measures to protect the transactions along with any information gathered at the registration. Their website offers the account holders the option to see all or some of their transactions at any given time, allowing for complete tracking of each one. The account requires that personal information only be input one time and that is held in a secure server for customer protection.

Once the account has been established the next step is to choose a funding method with which to load the account for use. ClickandBuy offers a variety of ways to accomplish this including direct transfer from a bank account or funding via a credit card. Again, this information is securely stored within the servers for customer protection.

The other deposit methods available are giropay and direct transfer form a source other than a bank account. Giropay has its advantages as the deposit using this method allows for the funds to be accessed instantly. Bear in mind, that when using a credit card, only one card may be linked to the ClickandBuy account.

In order to withdrawal funds, ClickandBuy offers two options to its customers. The first is a transfer to a confirmed bank account and the second is to an unconfirmed bank account. The account page shows a list of the holder’s bank accounts and which ones are confirmed or not. Should an unconfirmed account be selected, there is a small service fee charged by them which is called a “risk fee”.

There are two types of accounts available for use and which type will denote what the account holders spending limit is. These are a verified account and a non-verified account. Should a transaction go over the set spending limit, the website will offer ways to increase this limit such as verifying if the account is an unverified one. The customer has no control over the spending limit, it is determined by the account status and funding method used for the account.

ClickandBuy offers support for their customers on a seven day a week schedule and it may be accessed a variety of ways. The fastest way to resolve some of the issues that may arise is to visit the website and search through their Frequently Asked Questions database. This may help to resolve issues that may not need an associate’s assistance. For any other issues, there is phone and email contact information listed below:

ClickandBuy Lincoln House
137 / 143 Hammersmith Road
W14 0QL London
Fax: +49 (0)221 – 260 11 89


Registering for a ClickandBuy account is easy and can be facilitated on the company’s website. When you open up the registration form for ClickandBuy, you will need to first specify from which country you are from by selecting one from a drop down menu. Next selection is language and which credit card you are going to use for your account. The credit cards that are accepted by ClickandBuy usually depends on which country you are from, but the most common ones that are in use are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Diners card. You will then need to fill up your credit card information as well as your billing address. Once you have completed the payment method page, you will then need to proceed to the personal profile page.

Loading of Your Account

Once your ClickandBuy account is completed and approved, you will need to load up your e-wallet before you can make any purchase online. The loading of your e-wallet can be done right before you make a transaction or anytime you wish to have money in your electronic account with ClickandBuy. When you have an account with ClickandBuy, you may have a certain spending limit placed on your account if you are not verified. An account that is not verified or does not have a confirmed payment mode may only be allowed to increase spending limits when the credit card that is being used for purchase has been verified by the user on his end through certain steps that are on the ClickandBuy website.

There is also another way that people from other countries can pay for their ClickandBuy purchases, and this way also requires verification to increase the spending limits imposed on the account. Payment via debit card and bank account can be verified through the settings page of your account as well, and this can help increase your spending limit with ClickandBuy. Verification is through a confirmation code that you will need to get from the site which is produced for you via a few steps that you need to follow on the settings page. Another way you can confirm your payment mode is through fax where you will need to fax two sides of a valid ID and the completed confirmation form to this number: +49 (0)221 – 260 11 89. You will then have unlimited deposit and spending powers with ClickandBuy once you have a confirmed or verified account.

If you need to get in touch with ClickandBuy’s customer service staff for any of your concerns, you can call their customer support hotline at 0870 378 0770, fax them at 0207 751 1848 or you can get in touch with them by e-mailing them at You can also get in touch with the company via snail mail with this address which is ClickandBuy International Limited, Lincoln House, 137 / 143 Hammersmith Road, London W14 0QL. For frequently asked questions, there is a help page on the ClickandBuy website that does answer a huge number of the more commonly asked questions about the service.

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