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Krone or krona is currency of Norway, ISO 4217 code is NOK and Numeric code of currency is 578. Local abbreviation is kr. Krone is further divided into 100 parts called Ore. Kroner were introduced in Norwegian states in 1875, and were substitute for then existing currency speciedaler. at the rate of I specideler =4 crone. Thus facilitating Norway to join Scandinavian monetary union .

Scandinavian monetary Union is the body which is regulating and circulating this currency .This body came into existence in 1873 the Union dissolve in 1914.But Denmark, Norway and Sweden decided to keep their own currencies separate .Interesting to note at this point is that during the times of Scandinavian monetary union. Krone was A very power full currency and was measured at par with gold .i kilogram of gold was equal to 1480 kroner .In 1931 this measure got suspended with coming in of British pound and now One British Pound is equal to 19.9 kroner and in 1939 kroner was compared in terms of US Dollars one USD was 4.4 Kroner .German Occupied territories had to measure their local currency against than ruling currency of Germany which was reichsmark. Thus 0.6 reichsmark was equal to one kroner. After World War II Norway adopted Breton system in which its value was measured against gold which was later discontinued.


Norway has got a small population and economy due to this is also not growing fast as compared to other European countries .Norge Bank or bank of Norway is responsible for issuance of currency and minting of coins


Norwegian Coins have interesting pictures to identify and beautify them .Most of them carry Herald the V ‘pictures along with another distinct Danish symbol.

 50 0re coin has a king’s crown and national animal on it,

I kr coin has king herald V th’s monogram and picture of fowl on it,

5 kr coins has saint olay’s order and acanthi leaves,

10 kr coin had herald Vth’s monogram and stave church roof and 

20 kr has herald’s’ monogram and Viking ship picture on it 

10 krone and 20 crone carry effigy of the ruling monarch and also the motto everything for Norway which is ‘Alt for Norge’


Norwegian Bank Notes

In 1877 Norge Bank introduced 5,10 , 50,100, ,500 and 1000 kroner notes 200 kroner note was introduced Today’s currency consist of 5 kr,10kr,50 kr ,100 kr,200 kr and 1000kr notes ,Having Pictures Of Prominent people of the Country .Colors used are pastel shades of green for 50 ,pink for 100 ,Blue for 200,Yello for 500 and purple for 1000valued Bills. They vary in size and colors according to their worth

.Norwegian Bills carry pictures their distinguished citizens of Norway and their own creativity on reverse side.50 kroner Bill has Peter Christian on it he was famous Norwegian writer and also a novelist on front side and on reverse of note a scene from his story, the note and is in green color.100kroner note has Kirsten Flagstad a great Norwegian Soprano and is in pink color and is with holographic metal silver border backside of note carries a floor plan of famous auditorium . Sigrid Undset novelist is a popular writer who adorns front of 500 kroner note which is in yellow color reverse of carries words from her novels bridal wreath .Blue Color note of 200 kroner has Chemist Christen Bark eland on it with a snowflake in the background and one of her own famous chemistry experiment called’ terrela experiment on it .last but not the least 1000 kroner note is in royal purple and has picture Edward Munich a painter and printmaker his masterpiece called sun is in picture form on reverse side of the note 

Due to its low value 50 kroner note is becoming problematic in terms of maintenance as people do not look after it so it’s quite possible that soon note will be discontinued and 50 kroner coins will be issued



Kroner is used in all Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands in various forms krona ,krone ,kroner and kr

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