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New Zealand dollar is official currency of New Zealand and is also officially used in surrounding Islands .The ISO 4217 code for this dollars is NZD and numeric code is 554 .Since there are other countries also using dollars currency New Zealand Currency is written as NZ$. Ranks as 12th in most traded currency of world .Sometimes NZ dollar is also called kiwi as kiwi is New Zealand’s national symbol .and 1NZ$ has kiwi on it Import and Export of Currency to the Country is free but declaration is made if the amount exceeds 10,000$.The Reserve bank of New Zealand is issuing and circulating body for all currencies.


Pound was used as official currency in New Zealand before NZ dollars came in .Many times it was proposed to change the currency to kiwi or zeal as dollar was a confusing name for currency. On 10th july1967 which is also called Decimal currency day the pound was removed and replacement was NE NZ$ this was as follows 2$NZ=1pound, 1NZ$=10shillings and 1 shilling=10cents.

In making dollar currency New Zealand land copied South Africa and Australia’s footsteps by taking up decimal system. There was lot of controversy and debate in public as well as in deciding officials but finally dollar was declared as currency with unit of half pound



 In early days when coins were just introduced they were minted in 1, 2, 5,10and 50 cents. Out of this 1 and 2 cents coins were made op of brass and rest of cupronickel. The pictures on coins keep on changing the only exception was Queens Portrait on all of them .Queen Elizabeth II in all of them.

In 1991 1 and 2 dollar coins were minted in aluminum and replaced the one and 2 dollar notes &bronze coins .They also carried the latest picture of queen with inscription Queen Elizabeth II New Zealand on it made by famous artist Ian broadly 

Again in 2004 the Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced to remove 50 cents coin out of circulation and resize the existing coinage to small ones. In current scenario these old coins 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents are no longer in use.

Current circulating coins have following features 

10 cent is copper made edges are plain, queen’s portrait /carved head

20 cents&50cents nickel plated steel and Queens’s portrait/flower

$1 is made o aluminum bronze has grooved edge picture of Queen Elizabeth/kiwi silver& fern 

$2 made of aluminum bronze has grooved edge picture of Queen Elizabeth/kotuku

Bank Notes

Initially the notes were in denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10,20and 100 NZ$. All the notes had Queens’s portrait on one side and New Zealand’s birds or flowers and plants on others. A noteworthy incident took place and this notes were slightly changed .This happened due to the printers mistake .So now the Queen portrait on note was facing forward instead of left profile as intended I original portrait .In 1919 $1and $2 notes were replaced by coins .In 1992 new series of notes were introduced and they had a famous new Zealander and celebrities on one side and on another they had New Zealand Bird or scene.

Polymer notes were introduced by the end of 1999carrying the same pictures and design and also had additional two transparent windows o it as security measure .This replaced the existing paper notes in totality although both paper and polymer notes are accepted and still I circulation .

Current New Zealand Notes all issued in 1999

Bank Notes of all currencies have Maori work on it .Names and Images of bank are written in Maori and all the name begins with consonants.$50 note is the only currency note which has Maori work done on both sides .The notes bear pictures of important citizens on the country the only exception being Queen Elizabeth II who is not from NEW ZEALAND.



It’s also official currency in following places specially islands surrounding NEW ZEALAND Cook Islands, Niue Islands ,Tokelau and the Pitcairn Islands .

Current rate 

I USD =1.28502NZD

I Euro =1.75713NZD

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