Malaysian Ringgits

Live Casino that you can play using Malaysian Ringgits(MYR)

Are you looking for live casinos that offer the most frequent live dealer casino games using Malaysian ringgit (MYR)? If so here is a list of live online casinos that you can play with in Malaysian ringgit . Play live roulette, blackjack and baccarat with real dealers. The Malaysian ringgit is made up of 100 sen and is often presented with the symbol MYR. The ringgit is often unofficially referred to as the Malaysian dollar.


The official currency of Malaysia is Malaysian ringgit .Currency code is MYR numeric code is458. it was also formerly called Malaysian dollar. Malaysian Ringgit is divided into 100 sens which is equivalent to cents. The issuing authority is Bank of Malaysia also knows as NEGARA MALAYSIAN BANK. Royal Mint of Malaysia is official minting authority for coins.


The’ Ringgit ‘means jagged or rough which refers to the old serrated edges of Spanish coins which it replaced. Singapore Dollar and Brunei dollars are also named ringgit in Malay language and hence another name RM is also meaning Ringgit Malayan august 1975 the names of currency were officially declared as Ringgit and its subunit as sen otherwise earlier they were dollars and cents respectively .Some parts of Malaysia the division of sen are also called kupang .

June 1967 The Malaysian dollar or ringgit replaced the existing currency of that time Malaya and British Borneo dollar at rate 1:1.The new currency was very similar to earlier one in terms of denomination only value of 10,000 was missing .Color schemes of old currencies were retained .Very minor changes were made and bare minimum modifications were introduced. Only as late as 1990 US $ sign was replaced By MR$ .Internationally and by ISO 4217 specifications Malay Ringgit is known as MYR.At the time of Introduction of new Malayan currency it was valued at 8.57 MR =1 British pound (sterling).although officially Malaysia is only issuer and user of this currency it is interchangeable at par with Brunei dollar and Singapore dollar.


1967-First time Sen coins were introduced 1sen ,5sen ,10sen ,20sen,50sen and later on 1 MR coin was added to it .All the coins used cupronickel as it base material and carried picture of new Malayan house of parliament, and of course the federal star and crescent moon which was derived from Malayan flag .This coins have remained as legal tender till almost 2010.

1989-Retained the designs edges and diameters of previous coins but had a complete makeover in terms of pictures on coins. Inclusion of banga raya or hibiscus flower, and glimpses of Malay culture on the other side of coin was introduced on the coin . One ringgit coin deserves special mention as it was completely modified .The size of coin was reduced alloy of copper zinc and tin was used to make these coins and instead of a$ symbol the name RINGGIT was inscribed on the coin. By 2005 this coin was withdrawn from circulation due to problems with standardization and forgery of currency. All the coins have date of first minting, bank of Negara and value of coin written on the observe side and reverse side carries various symbolism of Malayan art and culture.


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