Japanese Yen

Live Casinos that you can play using Japanese yens (JPY ¥).

Japanese Yen ¥ is counterpart of Won of Korea and Yuan of Republic of China ,In Japanese it means round object, this could refer to the coins which were in circular shape unlike the existing oblong ones during that period which were made of gold and silver .During the popularity of Spanish Peso in Asian countries Japanese decided to mint their own circular silver coins and called them Yen .Meji Government who signed coinage act in 1871 officially declared Yen as Japanese currency .Earlier a togokuwa system of currency was used and Yen had a clear advantage over it as it was at par with dollar

Alloy of silver and gold along with other metals was how it was minted 24 .26grams was silver and 1.5 gram of pure gold .World war II led to loss of value for Yen plaza accord in 1971 brought in major change in value of Yen .In 19195 under 

1982, 500 valued Yen coins were this accord Yen was valued at its highest 1 dollar =80yens .although due to continuous growth in Japanese economy and trade Yen is valued at par with other major currency it still remains undervalued in comparison with dollar and Euro.


Early Japanese currency consisted of coins made in Coins silver, gold and copper .II world war saw the production of clay coins but did not reach market they were valued at five and ten. In 1945 Current type of holed Yen was also introduced .1955 saw the introduction of Yen in aluminum form which is currently used .In introduced Early gold coins 20 yen

 Coins have pictures on one side and other side has date of year when the coin was first minted .Coins of 5 to 50 have hole in middle 

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