Hong Kong Dollars

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Hong Kong Dollar HK$

Dollars is a common currency all over world .Each country which uses dollar as currency differentiates itself from other either through value ,worth name and code .Hong Kong Dollar is official currency of Hong Kong and its written as "HK$"to differentiate from other dollars. Its 9th most valued and traded currency of world. Its official code according to ISO4217 is HKD and numeric code is 344 officially this currency was introduced in the year 1937 and this dollar is further divided into cents like other parts of world so I HKD=100 cents.

It’s Interesting to note that although Hong Kong is administratively governed by Chinese Government its currency is not Yuan but HKD$. The currency initially was pegged I British Pound later on in US dollars but currently it’s pegged with Macau patacas. The banks in Hong Kong are made mandatory to have liquidity and exchange in form of US dollars if they want to issue HKD currency. China has provided full independence to Hong Kong as far as minting of coins and printing of notes is concerned thus all the function which involves Issuance of currency lies I hands of Hong Kong Monetary authority which is central bank. This board supervises three main banks to help issuing of currencies i.e. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation also called HSBO, standard chartered bank (SCB) and Bank of China (BOC),. Import of all currencies and export of all currencies is free in Hong Kong .since Hong Kong economy is mainly based on foreign trade and tourism it important to have stable rate of Hong Kong dollar.

The unique monetary system on HONGKONG currency issuing procedure is that since three different banks are responsible for issuance there are three different sets of currencies .issuing from this banks at the same time.

The notes are $10, 20, 50,100,500and.1000dollars notes. Recently on public demand Hong Kong government has decided to issue 10$notes directly. This step was taken as per public demand. Notes of Three different Banks carry different images and pictures as follows Series issued by HSBO has $10 note picture of junk and container ship,$20 Victoria peak,$50Po lin temple / lion$100note has lantau link and bridge$500 has international airport and lion$1000 has Victoria harbor and kite

Series Issued by bank of China

$20Peak Tower, $50waterfront and Space Musuem, $100 has$100note has lantau link and bridge$500 has Hong Kong international airport and lion$1000 has Wanchai Waterfront and Central plaza.

Series Issued by Standard Chartered Bank $10 cup depicting Chinese dragon,$20same as dollar 10,$50 Dragon headed turtle /image of hongkong,$100 Olin /Image of Hong Kong and $500Fenguhang/Image of Hong Kong and $1000 has Chinese dragon/Image of Hong Kong


Coinages are in denominations of seven that is 10cents , 20cents 50 cents, 1and 2 dollars. Earlier all images portrayed Queen Elizabeth IInd on them but after 1193 bauhinia flowers are inscribed on the coins. The reverse of coin has the year of minting written on it as well as value. Today also older coins with Queens face are accepted and are in circulation With coming of Octopus cards as currency honking coins are slowly loosing its place .Although on special national events and occasions to honor people and dates some coin are minted and notes are printed called Commerativ e currencies.

10 cent is called houh in mandarin.

Official users of Hong Kong Dollars are Hong Kong, People Republic of China& Macau
1 HK$=.12895 Dollars (US $)
1 HK$=0.950987EUROS

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