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Euros (EUR) €

This countries are Germany ,Ireland ,Greece ,Italy ,Luxemburg ,Malta, Austria, Belgium ,Cyprus France, Finland, Netherlands ,Portugal Slovakia and Spain. Also five territories i.e. territories in Uk and France outside euro zone are official users if this currency Unofficially its used in Andorra, Kosovo Montego and Zimbabwe. Its pegged by almost eleven currencies including kroner, marc, frats and lots of different countries. The ISO4217 code for Euro is EUR.

More than 17m Million people worldwide are users of this currency. It is second largest reserved currency and most traded after US dollar so hold second rank in trading too. In circulation it leaves US dollar far behind. Ad it’s estimated to have 80 billion Euros in circulation both bank notes and coins. Based on IMF Euro zone is the second most powerful economy of the world.


The Name EURO was adopted and introduced to World market as official currency and trading currency of Euro zone on 16th December 1995.EUROS replaced former currency unit called ECU at ratio of 1:1.Euro Coins and banknotes started circulation with New Year of Jan 1 2002.The Euro being adopted as official currency was a byproduct of Masschest treaty 1992.Learned panel of Economist introduced and created euros were consisting of eminent economist and financial people. Freid Addriti,Neil Dowling and Dusenberg, Mundell and padua were few leading ones. A German named Pirlot coined the term Euro he had strong background in teaching history.16th December 1995 Euro was first officially accepted and adopted in city of Madrid, Spain.

Council of European Union determined the rate of currency on feedback and recommendation of European Commission. This currency was first introduced in non physical form i.e through traveler’s cheques, internet banking transfers and electronic transfers before it could actually be introduced I its liquid form like coins, notes and cash. Midnight of first January 1999was a unique time represented in financial history of world as all the previous currency of Euro zone countries cease to exist and they were locked. However the old notes and coins had to be accommodated as legal till the introduction of new EUROS. This transition period from old coin to new coins and currency lasted for almost two whole years officially although the old currencies of different countries were still legal tender for many years almost till year 2002.

Euros and Price parity

Euros brought in new concept of price parity or equal prices which resulted in its increasing value and status. Law of one price which eliminates, speculative trade thus resulting in more stable economy, growth and high value of EURO in Financial Market s all over the world. This also helps in controlling inflation and thus stabilizing the prices. Many Corporate bonds in Euros have low interest rates and low liquidity giving it advantage over other currencies for investors to prefer it. positive effect of Usage of Euros on people of Euro zone was recorded by empirical scholars this effect was seen in normal day today life of people in terms of good and financial assets. Physical investment has shown a healthy increase of 5% since EURO was introduced in Euro zone,20%increase is what the analyst have forecasted for foreign investments through FDI stocks. And definitely a clear growth is seen in travel and hospitality Industry after the success of EURO. Major unit of Euro is cent and its mandatory for all Euro zone country to write cent in common linguistic form.


1 &2 Eros coins have a two toned color that is gold and silver. Gold consist of alloy of brass ,copper ,nickel and zinc. whereas silver color is due to mix of copper and nickel 10c, 20, c and 50c are made of alloy of brass 1c , 2c, 5c coins are copper coated steel

None of these coins are allergic or harmful to humans

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