Danish Kroner

Live Casinos that you can play using Danish Kroners (DKK kr).

Are you looking for live casinos that offer the most frequent live dealer casino games using Danish Kroner (kr DKK)? If so here is a list of live online casinos that you can play with in Danish Kroners. Play live roulette, blackjack and baccarat with real dealers. Danish kroner or Danish crown is currency used in Denmark and Faroe island & Greenland also uses this type of currency . kroner means crown in English. Hence the ruling currency of Denmark.

Danish Krone DKK


Krone becomes kroner if used in terms of plural form. i.e. One can say One krone but one has to say 100 kroner. In local region its abbreviation is Dkr /,kr. World Trade Exchange’s Official currency code for Kroner is DKK and numeric code is 208.

Kroner was introduced in 1875 and was a better substitute for then existing currency speciedaler. The value was as follows the rate of I specideler =4 crone. Scandinavian Monetary Union is the body which is regulating and circulating this currency. This body came into existence in 1873 the Union dissolved in 1914 but, Countries forming the Union i.e. Denmark ,Norway and Sweden decided to keep their own currencies separate. Interesting to note is the point that during the times of Scandinavian Monetary Union. Kroner was a very power full currency and was measured at par with gold. i.e. One kilogram of gold was equal to 1480 kroner. In 1931 this measure got suspended due to in coming currency of British pound, and now One British Pound was equal to 19.9 kroner. And in 1939 kroner was compared in terms of US Dollars one USD was 4.4 kroner. During World war II ,German Occupied territories of the countries had to measure their local currency against than ruling currency of Germany ,which was reichsmark. Thus 0.6 reichsmark was equal to one kroner.

Type of Currency


Danish coins have undergone lot of changes with change in political and economical structure. The latest Coin system which today prevails is25ore, 50 ore ,I kroner,2 kroner,5 kroner and 10 kroner&20 kroner’s. Metals used in minting this coins too have been different from time to time , In Phase I Coins were from bronze ,silver and gold In Phase II silver and gold coins were replaced by alloy of copper and nickel. This happened around end of Year 1919,these were the times of German occupation of the Country, during World War II. This coins which were temporary replaced with Zinc during War Times

Today the Modern kroner Coins are made of alloy copper and bronze and used for smaller values coins and higher value coins are also made up of alloy called cupronickel mixed with silver. And the highest value has golden color tinge as it is alloy of bronze. thus colors also help to distinguish value of coinage in Danish currency. So We have 20 and 50 ore coins in copper colors ,1krone,2krone&5krone in silver color and 10kroner & 20 kroner coin having golden color as its mixed with aluminum and bronze.


Notes Denominations are in multiples of 5 i.e. 5,50,100,200,500&1000.And have pictures of Important personalities of Denmark. This people are from politics art ,culture and religious background this pictures adorn the front side of this notes and the backside has picture of Symbolic Images. Famous Danish writer Karen Bixen /Lades church finds her place of pride on the smallest note of Denmar50 kroner k. 100 kroner note which is very important note in Denmark has picture of Carl Neilsen/basilisk ,200 kroner carries picture of an actress Johannes luisie he berg /lion and On 500 kroner note one can see the pride of Denmark in form of Nobel laureate Neil bore /dragon &knight in armor. artist Anna and ancher /scenes from sepulchral monument adorns the front side of highest denominator of note i.e. 1000kroner Notes use pastel colors like blue ,green ,pink and yellow and vary in sizes thus they can be distinguished and identified easily


Danish kroner is used in all three countries Denmark, Faroeisland and Greenland specially the independent governed island of Faroe Island uses only coins but their notes are distinct from Danish kroner called Faroe kroner.

This notes were introduced in 1950 Century These notes are part of Danish currency but, are differentiated from Danish currency notes by having different pictures on them. Greenland uses both notes and coins in form of currency of Danish kroner. Greenland also has its own Currency in form of Greenland rigsdaler and Greenland kroner. Thus both Greenland and Faroe Island are also using Danish notes as their currency apart from kingdom of Denmark

1DKK=0.18181USD 1DKK=0.1341 EUROS

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