Canadian Dollars

Live Casinos that you can play using Canadian Dollars (CAD $).

Are you looking for live casinos that offer the most frequent live dealer casino games using Canadian dollars ($ CAD)? If so here is a list of live online casinos that you can play with in Canadian dollars. Play live roulette, blackjack and baccarat with real dealers. Official currency of Canada is Canadian Dollar its also written as C$ to distinguish it from other prevailing dollars and Canadian cents are written as Cc. One Canadian dollar is divided into 100 cents. Canadian Dollar Holds the position of & 7th largest traded currency in the world. This is after following Euro, Franks, Pound, Australian dollars and yen of Japan.

Canadian Dollar $(CAD)

Official users of this currency is Canada and, unofficially its accepted in St peiree region in France and also in Miquelon. Canadian dollar has popular nick name in form of loonie , piaster ,buck and huard. ISO 4217 code is CAD CA for Canada ad D for dollar. Numeric code is 127.

In 1841 the Canadian state adopted a system of currency called Halifax system in which One Canadian pound was equal to Four US dollars. During World war III,1 Canadian dollar was equal to 1 us dollar. Canadian slang term for dollar is buck, Lonnie term also became connected to this as reverse of coins carried pictures of common loons. Toonies was another slang used for two bucks as in toonies.In French the currency is also called le dollars or pisarte. Canadian Banknote Company is official printer of all banknotes of Canada and Royal Canadian Mint, the official minting organization which mints all official coins which is located in Winnipeg Manitoba region of Canada

Some Interesting myths and stories of this currency are $2 has removable centre which can pop out, 50 cents are no longer in circulation, Some coins have Regina imprinted on it which is not true ,Another common myth is an American Flag is on Canadian money which is absolutely false. $10 is carrying a verses on it but due to misprint its being called back. Bank of Canada also called ‘Banque da Canada ‘in French language ,is a regulatory body for all monetary decision of the country this also includes issuance and regulation of official currency. This in turn outsources the actual printing of Banknotes to Canadian Bank Note Company and also to an organization called BA international. The sole authority to mint dollar coins rest with Royal Canadian Mint.

Canada did not follow Breton wood system and always had floating rate of its currency. World market shows that value of Canada dollar is directly proportionate to rise and fall of US Dollar. Canada Dollar is highly valued all over the world and is a reserved currency which is benchmark for rest of currencies. So many Central Banks as well as commercial banks keep enough exchange of CS$. Canadian dollar has been having an important impact not only on Canadian economy but also on British, French, Dutch and Caribbean states. Canadian dollars are so important that economist forecast trends of US currencies and market according to its relationship with US dollars for or against.


The coins are issued in denominations of 1¢ (penny) 5¢, (nickel) 10c (dime). 50¢ (quarter) 100¢ (piece) $1(loonie) $2(toonie)

This coins have designs of Canadian symbols like wildlife, nature flowers etc , on one side and effigies of monarchs on other.

Bank Notes

British army Bills holds the distinction of being the first paper monetary currency of Canada. this were issued in year 1813 to 1815.In 1830 Canadian notes were issued by Charter Banks. 1935 Bank of Canada was established and it issued following denominations of notes. All the notes are of same size and canbe differentiated only through variance in colors. The language used on this notes are dual in nature that is all is written in English as well as French

They are issued in following denominations $ 5 which is blue in color ,$10which is purple,$20 which is green ,$50 which is red and $100 which is brown in color. Each of this note has distinguished personality on its face and. The remarkable addition is all the notes carry Braille feature too thoughtful gesture on part of Canadian government to help blind. latest series of notes which are polymers notes expected in 2011.A unique feature of Canadian transaction is that a retailer has aright to refuse certain note and its perfectly legal. Canadian Dollar are accepted in some parts of Northern United states of America similarly Us dollar too are allowed in some parts of Canada specially regions which are on borderlines of two nations.

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