21 Nova

Refer a Friend Bonus

First deposit bonus of up €1,000

Refer a Friend and get €50 at 21 Nova Casino

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$/€ 50 Refer-a-Friend Bonus

No one likes playing alone and 21Nova wants the players to invite all their friends and acquaintances along to join in the fun. To make this prospect even more desirable, they offer a bonus to the player for each friend that joins the website and deposits. Signing up your friends is a very simple procedure and the link may be found in the Main Lobby labeled “Invite a Friend.”

From there it is a simple matter of following the on screen instructions as to how to add your friend to the list. It will require that you have their email address nearby so it may be input in the proper field. Once the form has been completed, 21Nova will then contact the friend or friends via email and let them know they have been invited to join in the festivities at the website.

In order for the bonus to be awarded to the inviting player, the friend must make a minimum deposit of $/€ 50. They will be held to the same 1st time deposit rules as any other player but the award to the current player is not affected by this. Once they have wagered 50x their deposit amount, the award is automatically deposited in the inviting player’s account.

For an existing player to qualify for this referral bonus, they must have at least made their 1st deposit and have played for real money on the website. This is one easy way to build up your own bankroll on the website and give you and your friends something to share as a group. Once their deposit bonus has cleared, then they too, will be able to invite their friends and take advantage of this bonus opportunity.

There is no maximum number for the amount of players that any one person may invite. Provided they all make the initial deposit and meet the play through requirements, these bonuses can keep on coming. Keep in mind however that if another bonus is in progress, the player will not be eligible for this one until the previous one is complete.