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Reputable Gaming Portal Certifications and Responsible Gambling

CrazyMonkeyCasino.com gaming portal strives to present our readers with online casinos that meet strict regulations in terms of responsible gambling. There are presently no casinos that are featured are not honest and reliable. CrazyMonkeyCasino.com has recently been awarded a reputable portal seal from eCogra, which is the leading third party regulatory site for players and affiliates a like.

eCogra is recommended for players and affiliates who would like to report unethical behavior from an online casino or gaming affiliate program.

While gambling can be a great outlet for fun and excitement, it can sometimes lead to problems that need to be addressed. Online casinos are meant to be a unique experience, not add to the problems that you face in life. If you find that you fall into any of the categories below, it may be time to seek help for a gambling addiction.

  • Gambling to get out of debt – While there are professional gamblers, it is not a good choice of profession and is definitely not an option for someone who is already experiencing a financial crisis. You should only be gambling with funds that you can afford to lose, not ones that are earmarked for other bills.
  • Cannot stop until you are busted – This is one of the sure fire signs of a gambling problem. It doesn’t matter how much you are up, you can never walk away from the table until you have no money left in front of you. While you should never expect to win, when you are up you need to be able to walk away and bank your profits. Consistently staying at the tables until you lose every penny in front of you is an example of someone that is screaming out for help.
  • Depression after gambling – Are you feeling down and out of sorts when you are not gambling? Gambling is meant to be fun, not a way of life. If you find that you are constantly thinking about it or rearranging your schedule in order to find time to gamble, you have a problem.
  • Feel that nothing is more important than gambling – This should be a cause for immediate concern. If you find that you are neglecting your mate, children, household duties and your job because of gambling, it is time to stop and get help.

There is no shame in admitting that you have a problem. Unfortunately, this is a major reason that people never seek help. They have themselves convinced that they have everything under control instead of recognizing the problem and their life continues to spiral out of control.

If any of this sounds like your experiences, please seek out help immediately. Gamblers Anonymous is one of the most notable organizations that can help anyone in need. Whether you are in the United States or located internationally, they will be there for you.

Gamble Responsibly

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