There are three different types of live blackjack that feature live dealers. The first is the conventional multi player single seat blackjack that is found at the brick and mortar casinos. Each player sits at a particular seat location and plays their own cards. The many-to-one blackjack games are also available. These are the Live Blackjack with Early Payout games. These blackjack games feature a variation of live blackjack that offers players the ability to cash out using the Basic Strategy. The payouts of these games are usually much higher. There are two main versions of live blackjack with Early Payout; Version 1.0 and 2.0. Below is a detailed list of the casinos that offer each variation and version.

Top Live Casinos that offer Live Blackjack (Single Seat):


Smart Live Casino
150% up to £300 on First Deposit

Paddy Power Casino
£/€25 New Player Bonus

Bet Phoenix Live Casino

Get 100% up to $777 on First Deposit


Bet Fred Casino
First Deposit of 100% up to £100

All Slots Casino
Get 100% up to €200 First Deposit.

William Hill Casino
Get €300 for Free at William Hill Live Casino

Super Casino
Get £ 1000 Sign Up Bonus

CanBet Casino
100% up to €100 on First Deposit

21 Nova
First deposit bonus of up €1,000.
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Top Live Casinos that offer Live Blackjack with Early Payout V1.0:


Lucky Live Casino
100% up to €100 on First Deposit

Dublin Bet
100% up to €200 on first deposit

View Casino

Cashback of up to £250 on Initial Deposit

Global Live Casino
100% up to €100 on First Deposit.
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Top Live Casinos that offer Live Blackjack with Early Payout V2.0:


Celtic Casino
50% Cash Back up to €100

Fairway Casino
First Deposit Bonus of 100% up to €200

Castle Casino
Get £ 100 on your First Deposit!

Sports Book Live Casino

Play your first $5.00 for free

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LuckyLiveCasino - Play live blackjack with a real live black jack dealer! You have the advantage of being right there to watch the dealer and the other players cards in real time. Lucky Live Casino(in Ireland) offers 24 hour blackjack so no matter where you are you can always find a table thats waiting for you. There two types of online live blackjack you can play. The first is a single seat blackjack game where you play your own cards at a virtual table. The cards are not shared with other players. This is called single seat blackjack.

The other type of live blackjack now available is LuckyLiveCasino's Early Payout Blackjack ®. The Early Payout BlackJack ® by LuckyLiveCasino casino is a live form of blackjack, but as it's name suggests you can take the option of not completing the hand and take the payout based on the odds of the cards in your hand. This increases the payout up to 99.4%! Also note that the Early Payout BlackJack® is not a single seat blackjack game. The hand is shared by other players. It's new and exciting, and definetely something to try if your a black jack fan.

Real Live Dealers!

  • 100% SIGN UP BONUS
Live blackjack

Live Blackjack with Early Payout

Basic Strategy for Blackjack with Early Payout
Live dealer blackjack at DublinBet Casino is not a single seat blackjack game, but an Early Payout exclusevly offered my Vuetec that allows more than one player to play each hand. You have the option of not continuing your hand and getting paid the odds of the cards you have left on the table. New EarlyPayout BlackJack ® gives you the oportunity to play with your face cards only!

Live Dealer Blackjack is a popular casino game and has gained an almost cult following online.  If you would like to play online you can make a really simple Blackjack strategy work for you.  There is also something called Early Payout that will allow you to cash in and take your winnings with you earlier than you normally would be able to. 

Blackjack Simplified Playing Blackjack online is simply a lot of fun, but if you want to play you need to play to win and you can do this by following a simple strategy.  The way that it will work is that you will be allowed to bet on one, two, or three hands.  You can predict what the dealer will do because he or she will follow what is often called a basic strategy, which is part of his or her Blackjack dealing rules.  You’ll continue when you play online with basic strategy and select next play.  You should accept the Early Payout option when you can, as this will suspend further action on the hand. 

When you play this game online all player hands will be played until they are finished until basic strategy would stand or until the hand goes over 21 or busts.  Hands that will double or split players can elect to “not double” their bet or to “play only one hand” as he or she sees fit.

If you are new to Early Payout you may find that you really like this feature.  This is basically an offer at any given stage of the game for you to payout on your hand.  The payout is based on the number of cards that have already been dealt as well as the dealers up card.  Of course, stronger hands are offered higher payouts than weaker hands as the payout is calculated according to an average expected outcome of the hand based on what has already been dealt.

If you do not take the Early Payout option than the hand will be dealt to the end and the players hand will be compared against the dealer’s hand.  The Early Payout is a nice feature because it will allow those with hands that clearly will not win not to lose money.  Early Payout is not offered by all websites as it is a patented game and is only offered by VueTec Ltd.

Blackjack is very much a game of chance when you consider that one card can send you right up over 21 and your bet is lost.  When you have the ability to follow a basic strategy and take advantage of something as simple to use and understand as Early Payout you will find that the risk of the game really is balanced much more nicely.  A lot of players have developed the confidence they need to play the game well by playing with these nice features.