Live casinos that offer Live Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

One on one Texas Hold Em with a twist. Texas Hold Em is the most widely played of all the card games in a casino today. Live Texas Hold Em bonus online allows the player to compete against only the dealer in a heads up match with a twist or two. The player and the dealer both receive two cards after the player has placed a single ante bet of their choosing as far as the amount goes. Most tables have a minimum of a $5.00 bet for this.

Casinos that offer Live Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker


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There is the option at the point of placing the ante bet to also place the bonus bet. The bonus bet only pertains to the player's hole cards versus the dealer's hole cards and has no bearing on the rest of the hand. This bet must be the same as the ante bet at minimum and is not a required bet as the player can choose to skip this at any point before the hand has begun.

The dealer will then match their hole cards against the player's hole cards and without revealing their hand, pay out or rake the bonus bet depending on who won. The game then proceeds as a standard hand of Texas Hold Em. The player may also choose to fold at this point if the cards they have receive are not ones they wish to play but they do forfeit the ante bet at the point.

Three cards are then dealt face up in the middle of the table and the player has two choices at this stage. They may either bet or check their hand but unlike regular Texas Hold Em, there is no other bet to be placed by other players. This is strictly heads up versus the dealer hand and not any other players at the table.

The play precedes much the same way for the next two cards being dealt which is the player may choose to check or bet on each street. Once all five cards are on the table and the bets have all been placed, the hole cards are turned up and the hands are compared. Bets are paid out at a 1 to 1 ratio at each point where the player has wagered.

The game itself is fairly easy to learn and the player must simply have a better five card hand than the dealer in order to win. With seven cards total to work with, the player's odds are fairly good that they can draw to a decent hand in order to beat the dealer. The trick with this particular game is when a good starting hand is received, to bet at each street in order to get maximum return from the dealer when the winning hand is revealed.