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Polish Zloty


The official currency of Poland is gold as it means gold in polish language.ISO4217 Code is PLN.And the numeric code is 985 .One zloty is divided into 100 grosz, and singular of this term is grosz. In English language it's called zloty and plural form is zlotys .Ist January 1995 the currency underwent renewal and as a result 10,000old zlotich(PLZ )became 1 new zloty (PLN)

National Bank of Poland is issuing and circulating authority of bank notes and coins .Mennica polska is the polish Mint which officially is responsible for minting Polish Zlotys.




The Polish Zloty has undergone much of restructuring and renewal in terms of shape, size and designs. Initially all the foreign gold coins were named as zloty in Poland .Especially Venetian ducats and Hungarian ducats due to its close proximity with Poland this coins were in large circulation in polish markets and trades. In 1496 Poland had introduced its own currency called zloty .Value was 30 groszy. That time the name mostly used for the currency was florin .King Poniatoswokis regime introduced new polish currency. Even after partition of Poland Zloty remained in circulation .Till 1816 the zloty currency circulation was regulated by Russian occupied Poland.By 1850 the only currency which was issued was Russian ruble by Polanski bank such was strong influence of Russian monetary system on Poland economy. Interesting to note is that republic of Krakow also issued currencies called Krakow zloty during these times.

After German occupation of Poland during World War 1 the ruble was replaced by German marka. This currency was at par with than German currency called German Papiermark. Polish zloty was reintroduced as Polish currency in 1924 by Wladyslaw grabsky.the replacement with marka was 1 zloty was equal to 1,800.000markas.Nardowy bank of Polanski issued again afresh batch of banknotes which were in circulation till 1950.

1950 saw a fresh set of zlotys in form of banknotes and coins.It was a convertible currency and replaced all existing currencies of Poland 1:100rate.Lastly New Polish Zloty which is also the Current Zloty was introduced as official currency of Poland in the year 1995 .and the date was 1st January .The issuing bank was Nardowy Bank Polanski which is today the governing authority for all Polish Currencies.