Live casinos that use eKonto for deposits and withdrawals

Are you looking for live casinos that offer deposits and withdrawals using eKonto? Find which online casinos offer eKonto as payment method. eKonto is a fund transferring service for online customers and merchants. Based in the Czech Republic, it is affiliated with the Raiffeisen Bank and eBanka. Unlike some other digital wallet providers, eKonto users must first establish an online banking account. The online account provides added benefits for customers that are not offered by other e-wallet firms.

Casinos that offer deposits and withdrawals using eKonto
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This online payment option offers a wide range of ways for its customers to control their financial destiny. Online gamers and gamblers can use eKonto for making gambling deposits. It is one of the few bank transfer firms that do not charge a specific fee to set up an account, nor is there a cost for services.

For customers that have set up an account with eBanka or with Raiffeisenbank, up to nine different national currencies can be held within one account. Besides those of the Czech Republic, others include: EUR, JPY, HUF, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF and PLN. eKonto accounts can easily be established online.

Account security is guaranteed. Each individual's account is locked down via an electronic key. All purchases on the Internet feature the solid security expected when dealing with established banking institutions. Debit cards have a feature that permits them to be locked.

Users of eKonto can also take advantage of a number of extra features. There is always 24 hour access to personal accounts, including savings. It is possible to have time deposits, authorize debits and even manage mortgages and pension plans. Mutual funds and life insurance options are also available.

Because of the strong bank affiliations, features like savings accounts can be set up and earn interest. These have no withdrawal limits and are insured according to Czech laws. Also available are time deposits that earn higher interests rates and are offered in a variety of time periods ranging from one week up to two years.

eKonto members can avail themselves of financial reserves of up to 150,000 CZK. A negative account balance up to this amount is acceptable and interest costs are assessed only for the days when the user authorizes the debits. Repayment is required within 365 days of the debit date and all debit data is provided in the user's online account.

Raiffeisenbank rewards its customers for setting up accounts. eKonto plans come in three forms, Basic, Extra and Premium. Those who opt for the Extra and Premium plans and meet certain conditions will avoid monthly service fees. They will also receive a credit of CZK 20 each month the conditions are met. Members can withdraw money from the two banks' ATM two times each month without fees. Subsequent ATM transactions are subject to fees, as are those that take place on other banks' ATM machines.

Customer service is available around the clock, seven days per week, provided by trained bank tellers. It is reached via a telephone hotline which is free of tolls for both land lines and cell phones of Czech providers. Contac them by calling 800-900-900. Caller identity is established via the customer's assigned electronic key, making phone transactions private and secure.

eKonto is the flagship product of the Raiffeisenbank, a part of the Raiffeisen Financial family based in Austria. This parent company has been serving customers in Europe for over 140 years. In 1998, the Czech Republic arm merged with eBanka. Raiffeisenbank has over 100 branches currently and increased its net profits in 2009 by 42%.