Cash Back Bonus at Live Casinos

Cash back bonuses are available only on a few of the casino websites but the ones that do offer it give the player an opportunity to recoup some of their losses. They allow a player to make a wager or series of wagers and risk only some of their own funds. These offers have the same style restrictions as other bonuses on most websites. The offer is also one that must be opted into with support or at the very least, support will need to be notified if the player has chosen to particpate. This

Live Casinos that offer a Cash Back Bonus
Celtic Casino
Celtic Casino
10% Bonus on Re-deposits up to €100 Wagering Requirement: 35 times Bonus + Deposit

Online casinos offer their player many different ways to add money to their bankroll through promotional offers. One of these offers that is found on a few casino websites it the cash back bonus offer. This allows player to recoup some of their losses on either their first wager or against play on certain games depending on the casino and not all casinos have this as a bonus offering.

The majority of casinos that offer this type of bonus only allow it for new players against their first wagers on the website and likely only on certain style games. Each website has its own stipulations when it comes to this particular offer and should be reviewed carefully before opting in for the offer. Depending on the casino, the offer may only apply to certain wagers or in the case of Sportsbook, certain events.

Bonuses of this type are usually graduated in a percentage of the initial amount such as 10% Cash Back against the first deposit to the casino or 25% cash back against play at the Live Blackjack table only. These risk free style offers do fall under the same rules as the other bonuses on most websites in that the cash back received must be released using play through requirements. Most of these offers need to be opted into via an email to support or at minimum, a live chat session if the website offers that option for support.

Once the cash back bonus has been credited to the player’s account, the normal bonus rules apply on most casino websites. The player must meet a wagering requirement of some type before withdrawals will be allowed against the winnings garnered from it. This means the player will need to wager a certain amount of times the amount of the cash back bonus before being allowed to remove any winnings.

Most casinos keep this requirement fairly low and it takes very little time to rollover the bonus amount and makes the funds available. Some of the casino will have restrictions in the actual games that may be played to unlock the bonus funds. There are some that will also restrict the amount of play on certain games by percentages.

These games can count anywhere from 100% completely towards the bonus release to as low as 2% towards it. The casino will also likely not allow even money or low risk bets to count towards the bonus requirements. The player should avoid bets such as odd, even, red or black on Roulette and any even money wagers with 1 to 1 odds on other games.

With most of the websites, failure to stay within the guidelines and rules before attempting a withdrawal will cause the player to forfeit the bonus award. This will also cause the player to lose any winnings they may have accumulated by using these funds. The terms and conditions on each website will detail what games may be played along with what is required as far as rollover for wagering