Neteller navigation is now Easier

December 28th, 2011 admin

Today there are very few online casinos that do not accept payments through Neteller which is a leading payment solutions provider to the online casino industry with products such as prepaid cards and electronic wallets.

A little over two months ago Neteller announced that they had made a makeover on their website and the extent of that makeover is just not being felt by the loyal Neteller users.  They have been communicating with clients through regular emails explaining the changes they made and how best to take advantage of same on the website. As of late their emails have dealt with account information and their customer support.

They have recently added at tab to the eWallet that allows online casino players and all Neteller users access to all channels that provide their support from the account and on the first call they will receive Online Help and this takes them to the enlarged list of FAQs and is the fastest method for player to get the answers they are seeking.  Additionally they have posted tutorials on using the site on YouTube and if players need more information the Neteller users are instructed to contact the customer support via e-mail.  They instruct that the e-mail should be forward through their online web form and they also provide a toll free telephone number.  Since they have had a lot of bad experiences with telephone calls they do not recommend that options unless it’s an emergency. Also they have listed another number that should be used only for reporting lost cards.

Their new web site combines all the important needed information in one place which happens to the account summary tab and the tab is located in the left hand menu which appears the moment a player signs into his account for Neteller. This tab rapidly displays the account status and balance which can be verified or even unverified and this is always seen at the top of the screen.  This tab also indicates the Account number, Account type where business or personal, the Account level the Account Currency type and the latest sign in data.  In addition there is an Account summary tab contains a progress bar that indicates how many of the Neteller features the player has taken advantage of or used which include depositing money into the account, verifying the players identity, getting a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard as well as referring a new friend.

It’s interesting to note that many of the latest changes that have been made by Neteller came to them by the way of players or user suggestion and they will continue to ask all their clients and each opportunity that comes about if they think there’s information or data that they have missed and this may be a reason that Neteller is in one of the top spots for payment providers today in the online gaming industry.

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