Intralot leaves French Online Market and Unibet returns!

March 5th, 2012 admin

In France the online gambling industry has been somewhat liberalized and a bag of ups and downs for gaming operators there.  ARJEL which is the French gambling authority has been somewhat strict in maintaining their original guidelines which for some operators has not been very profitable while being very costly.

Some have had their issues resolved and moved forward in the French market and it has paid off nicely for them. One of those companies is Unibet who are back enjoying the three new licenses that was given to them by ARJEL.

Shortly after Unibet had acquired Solfive Group the domain is not able to service the regulated sports wagering, horse racing and poker markets in France and they were one of the first on the bandwagon obtaining a French license quicker than they expected regardless of the fact that taxes were super high as the Solfive Group had pulled out of the French jurisdiction because they saw no profitability.  Regardless Unibet returned even though not too much has changed but they plan to be very cautious as the current conditions force them to be that way.  This cautiousness has forced Unibet to relinquish the Eurosportbet and Eurosportpoker domains that had been acquired by Solfive effective January 1st 2012.

But on the brighter side in the French market, Intralot is leaving the French jurisdiction after ARJEL accepted their request to repeal a sports betting license that still had four years left before the license expired.  The reason that Intralot withdrew was the required high payouts that were required in order to stimulate the business for the Greece Headquartered Company as they had obtained a five year license with an option for a renewed extension!  These moves in the French online gambling market should prove to be very interesting especially to see if Unibet can survive!

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