Golden Riviera Casino Welcomes Dark Knight Rises Video Slot

August 31st, 2013 Bei Maniago

dark knight rises

Today there are already different kinds of slots in order to keep up with the changing playing needs in online casinos as well as to offer variety to players. Many love to play video slots, especially those who want to see a great back story. Themes can make slot gaming more dynamic and meaningful. One of the newest video slots in the market is Dark Knight Rises, which is designed by Microgaming.

There’s a huge chance that you’ve seen the movie—it was definitely epic that we had hoped it would be adopted into a game. Anyway, the video slot tries to stay as true as possible to the real story of the film. For one, it presents some of the major characters, such as the Batman, Bane, and Commissioner Gordon.

The video slot opens with a scene featuring Commissioner Gordon and Batman, who is bringing back his role as a night crusader after retiring for some time. This way, he can fight the newest threat to Gotham City, who is Bane.

Although this is a video slot, it isn’t complicated at all and is thus something that can be played by even new players in slot. It is a five-reel slot, which then gives players more than 200 ways to win. There are other bonuses players can enjoy as they go along with the game. For example, the game offers Expanding Wilds, where a wild symbol fills not only a portion of the reels but a lot of parts so you can double or triple your winnings conveniently. You can also accumulate free spins. This is also made even better when two of the strong characters, Bane and Batman, step in front of the screen to battle.

Dark Knight Rises is now being installed in many different casinos, and just recently, you can play it at Golden Riviera Casino.

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