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Strike it Rich Slots Guide

LuckyLiveCasino (NEW!) - This slot machine game “Strike it Rich” has five lines and three reels to put you bet. The higher payout is obtained by the higher credits per line that you bet in case that you win.

Hot Topics Found on This Page:
- Loading the Game
- Rules
- Placing Bets
- Maximum and Minimum bets
- Payout Information
- Slots & Video Poker Controls
- Betting Lines / Paths
- Wild Symbol

Loading the Game

Go to the website and log with your username and password used to register at sign-up. This will take you to a window that shows your account information. On the left side of this window, the button “Play Now” will be found, press this button for the Game Lobby to be shown in a new screen.

Choose to play “Strike it Rich” in the Game Lobby from the “Slot Machines” section.

“Strike it Rich” will start to load on a new pop up window. This will display a load progress bar for “Strike it Rich.” When “Strike it Rich” has been 100% loaded, you will be able to play it.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game “Strike it Rich” are very easy, choose the quantity that you want to wager per line and the number of lines that you like to play and then, spin the reel.

Placing Bets

Bets in this game “Strike it Rich” must be placed at the Game Panel, as mentioned above, in order to choose the “Lines” and “Line Bet” quantity.

Game Panel has two sections for bet placement. You first need to decide the amount per line that you want to play with, for example, if you are playing two lines and you bet 4.00 credits, the total bet would be for 8.00 credits. The “Line Bet” icon is found on the Game Panel’s far right side.

When you are done with choosing the quantity that you want to bet in the “Line Bet” section, you have to choose the number of lines that you like to play with the “Lines” button which is used to choose the quantity of lines in your game. The “Lines” button is located in the left side of the Game Panel, next to the “Line Bet” button. A horizontal line that attaches the reels will tell you the new path to win the game when choosing the number of lines to play.

Maximum & Minimum Bets

Maximum Bets

Just press the “Max Bet” button found on the Slot Controls.

Minimum Bets

The minimum bet is set as the initial bet after the game downloads.

Information on Payouts

By the “Line Bet” you have the “Pay Table” which displays the multiplying quantity that normal symbols pay.

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Knowing the Game

“Strike it Rich” has a wide selection and options that can occur during your game action, as mention below:

Paths/Lines Betting

Numbers on a descending order in the game from one to five, next to the slot reels, can be found that when choosing the number of lines that you want to play, a horizontal bar will attach these numbers. The more lines that you select give you a higher opportunity to win in the game.

“Strike it Rich” winning combos are selected from left to right.

Wild Symbol

In “Strike it Rich” the wild symbol servers as a multi-symbol.

Here is an example, if you get a four reel which are equal and a wild symbol is in the back, the game will decide that you have a five of the same symbol (4 x machine and 1 x wild), and with a wild symbol in the combination the payout is doubled.

Rules of the wild symbol

Three reel slot machines

In a consecutive order from the left to the right corner of the game the wild symbol has to be shown.

Five reel slot machines

The wild symbol has to be from the right to left or left to right in a consecutive order.

Where to look for more information on a certain wild symbol?

Go to the “Payouts” section of “Strike it Rich” for further information on the wild symbol.

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