Live Texas Hold’em Poker Guide at Dublin Bet Casino
Dublin Bet Casino - It doesn’t matter where you go, if you are around people who like poker you have undoubtedly heard of Texas Hold’em.  This is probably the most popular poker variation in the world today and many of the most exciting and common online variations are the heads up game, which means your hand is playing against the dealers hand and the dealers hand only.


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Playing Live Texas Hold’em Online

When you play Live Texas Hold’em at DublinBet Casino online you will find that up to five real people can sit at the table, usually with just one online player sitting at the table.  The online player will sit to the dealer’s right, which means that they will be the last to be dealt to at the table.  The online poker player (you) can see the cards that are dealt via live video feeds. Though you are playing online from the comfort of your home you will play the hand as though you were really there holding it.

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck and the dealer will deal in a very specific way.  The dealer will deal two cards to all live boxes, the internet hand, and then the dealer’s hand.  All of these hands are dealt face up except for the internet and dealers cards.  The deal will start to the left of the dealer and will go clockwise to the right ending with the internet player, where the card will be scanned and then shown online as if it has been dealt.

To play the hand, one must play an ante bet before the first card is being drawn and players can also choose to bet on the bonus box.  At this time players will need to choose whether they want to bet on the hand or fold.  If you would like to fold when playing online you simply click fold.  If you want to bet you need to flop bet, which is equal to twice the amount of your ante bet.  If you do not place your flop bet within about ten seconds it will be assumed that you have folded.  At this time the dealer will turn over all three flop cards and players need to either bet or check on the next card which is often referred to as the turn card.  At this point you will have about five seconds to decide what to do, with the turn bet costing the same as the ante bet.  The turn card is then revealed when everyone has bet or folded and then betting continues much the same way except this time around bets will be placed on the river card.  At this point all of the cards are revealed and those with the winning hands will be paid and those that have not won will have their bets collected.

A winning player is one that has a better hand than the dealers head.  All bets with this game are paid at even money at one to one.  The reason that many people like this game is because it is relatively fast paced, easy to learn, and simply a lot of fun if you like the game of poker!