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Keeping Tabs on Your Online Casino Spending

Part of being a responsible casino gamer is keeping track of how much money you spend when you are playing.  It can be easy to lose track of how much you are actually spending when you just deposit $20 here and $50 there, but these amounts can add up in a hurry and you may be wondering why you are broke and where all of the money went.  It is smart to keep a log book, much like you keep a log of the checks that you write and the money that you spend from your bank account.  In fact, you could even use a checkbook ledger to keep track of your casino spending and even your winnings.

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Record Money Coming in and Going Out

It’s a good idea to record money that is coming in and the money that is going out where your gambling is concerned.  Many people like to focus on the money that they are winning, and while this is the fun part you can start to see some trends when you keep track of all of the transactions.  For instance, you may be elated that you won $500 but if you spent $1,500 to get that money you may see that you need to re-evaluate how you are spending or how you are playing.  On the other hand, if you win $500 and you see that you have spent $5 to win it, the win will be all the more satisfying.  Many people say they don’t like to keep track because it will take the fun out of winning, but there is the potential that keeping tabs on your spending will actually make your wins all that more satisfying! 

Sometimes when you keep track of your spending it makes you realize how much you really are spending and why you may not have any money in the bank account.  You don’t have to stop gambling, you may just see that you need to scale back a bit.  A lot of people will set a spending limit for themselves when they start keeping tabs on their spending, and it will actually make playing more fun, and will make winnings all the better! 

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If you start keeping track of your spending and you realize that there is not a problem, you should still keep track.  Anyone who is spending money and earning money on anything should know what is coming in and going out, that’s just good business sense, and when you are making money and spending money on gambling it can be approached as a business transaction.

Responsible gaming is what it is all about.  If you find when you start jotting down what you are spending that you may have a problem, there is a lot of help out there for you to take advantage of.  Many people have nipped a gambling problem in the bud by starting to keep track of their spending, and others have simple been able to scale back to keep the fun going but do it responsibly.