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With the use of casino webcam technology, the roulette games online does not take anything away from the real live experience. A live video roulette game is advantageous based on the following factors. The first advantage is based on sight. With live video roulette, you can see the actual roulette table and the dealer as you play the game.

Some online casinos also show the other players standing around the roulette table. Nothing would make an online game more realistic than that. As you play, you can see the game you’re playing actually happening. The video aspect brings the real game right to your doorstep. You can even see the wheel turning and the ball thrown and spin to a stop. This means that you also don’t miss the best part of the game.

The second advantage has to do with sound. You will hear the dealer, thee players, and even some background casino sounds. Nothing to liven up the imagination that you are really in an actual casino. The video version of roulette will definitely take you right there, in the casino, where the game is actually happening. Just as you see it, you can hear the wheel turning and the ball rolling as well.

To take things a little bit further, the game also enables two-way interaction. You can also chat with the dealer and even with the fellow players as well. The presence of the dealer will place a sense of authority over the game. It makes the game feel more real and the challenge as well. You won’t get any ideas to manipulate the game in any way because there is someone leading the game. Some people also feel more assured and comfortable when playing online. Let’s face it; you are playing in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to deal with long lines and crowded casinos.

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Finally, you will also be assured that the house is not playing tricks on you. When playing with a computer alone, you may sometimes feel that since the results are computer-simulated, they are not reliable and real. Quite the contrary, video roulette, though played over the computer, are based on actual games that have been played in actual casinos. You can be sure that online casinos are legitimate and are backed up by an actual casino.

Some casinos may provide the video aspect better than others. You can find casinos that provide it best by going to websites that offer online casino reviews. The better the video feed is, the more real the game will feel.

Roulette is one of the best games ever to make an online entrance. This is because if you are looking for an enjoyable but relaxing time playing some games, a game of live video roulette is what you need. It does not take much concentration or complicated techniques. All you have to do is place a bet and watch as the game takes you away and tests your luck. The video aspect also makes the game as realistic as possible. Surely, you won’t even feel the difference because your major senses are stimulated.

How to Play Live Video Roulette

With live video roulette being a popular offering among online casinos nowadays, a player might think that the rules of playing roulette changed with this new way of playing roulette.  On the contrary, the rules of playing roulette did not change when live roulette became more in demand among patrons of online casinos.  In fact, one can say that the game became as close as it can get to the way it is played in land-based casinos.

For those who do not know the basics of playing roulette, there is no need to be intimidated with live roulette.  Roulette is a very simple game, regardless of what format it comes in.  There is a dealer, also called a croupier in some casinos, who operates the roulette table.  The roulette table has a chart painted on its surface indicating places for betting, and on one of its ends is the wheel.  The wheel has either 37 or 38 numbers, depending on what kind of roulette wheel it is.  The European roulette has the numbers 1 to 36 and 0, while the American roulette has the numbers 1 to 37 as well as 0 and 00.  These numbers are arranged on the wheel in alternating red or black slots.

Inside the wheel is a little white ball.  All that the player needs to do to play roulette is to guess what number that little white ball is going to land on and make a bet on it.  If his guess is correct, he wins, and his winnings depend on the odds of the bet he made.  If his guess is wrong, needless to say, he loses his bet.

There are two basic bets that a player can make on the table when playing live video roulette.  These are the inside bet and the outside bet.  The inside bet is a bet made on a particular number in the wheel, or a particular combination of numbers depending on their positions inside the wheel.  The odds for inside bets are 1:35.  Outside bets, on the other hand, are even bets with odds of 1:1.  Outside bets can pertain to the ball landing on an even number or an odd number; in a black slot or a red slot; in the lower 18 numbers or the higher 18 numbers; or on the first dozen, the second dozen or the third dozen.

Timing is the key when playing roulette, just like in a land-based casino.  As much as possible, the bets should be made while the dealer has not yet spun the wheel.  When the dealer has already announced “No more bets!” then no more bets should be placed on the table.

There are so many resources online stating how big winnings can be made out of live video roulette.  But no matter what these resources say, there is only one sure way of making money out of roulette, even if only in small amounts.  And that is: always stick to outside bets.